Role of Library Essay

Importance of library in Student life Student life is the time of learning. They need to learn different subjects. At that time a library helps them a lot. A library is a place where a large number of books are stored in many shelves. Libraries are the store-houses or treasure-trove of knowledge. In the absence of a good library in an educational institution, education has no meaning. Without library students cannot gain knowledge properly. Hence there is library in every educational institute.

A library is divided into a number of sections or departments on the basis of subjects; history, maths, science, commerce, English and a number of other sections and sub-sections; poetry, fiction, drama etc. The required books can betrayed from the index card. In library everything is arranged orderly so no confusion at all. Libraries provide the students very healthy environment. In a library atmosphere is very calm and disciplined. It helps students to keep very good concentration on their studies.

Libraries are the only place where we are free from all conventions because reading is absolutely a matter of personal choice. Freedom is the keyword for the libraries. Readers are allowed to read what they like and also read the book according to their own manner. Nobody would check them or disturb them. Since everything is systematic and the atmosphere is calm so students can gain more in less time. One can save time and energy studying in libraries. A library plays a very vital role throughout the life. Particularly for students library is very important.

Some of the books are very rare which are not available in the market but they can be availed from libraries. Some books like dictionary, Encyclopaedia and no other subjects are very costly. Students can get such type of books issued from libraries. In library students can find the late stand the oldest editions of books. Some times we require those books which are now out of print, so we may arrange such books from libraries. There are various books on different topics, written in various languages by various writers of different ages.

Therefore first of all one should make a good choice of books for oneself because library in itself is like a conglomeration – a heap of mixed collection of books. Hence library is an essential part of the student’s life. They should take full advantages of the libraries available. Students should also remember that they should not misuse the library books by marking them with ink or tearing off their pages, required by the students. Library books must be kept properly. Thus the libraries have an essential and close bearing upon the advancement of education and learning at all levels for all the times to come