Roles Of The President Essay

When it comes o the President providing the best for our country, I feel that these three role s should be the primary ones.

Commander in chief is the most important job of the President because he/ she is the one who is in charge of the military branches and approves of the military ‘s ideas to protect our country. If the President wasn’t in charge of the military, then the y would do whatever pleased them and not us. The President knows this country well an d what the people want. The President should serve and protect the military force just like e they rotate and serve for our country.

The one time when the President can sass me greater power is during times of war. It’s without question the most important response instability of the office. As Commander in Chief, the President has the ability to commit Am enhance troops to battle. It is the most difficult decision a President can make, and is al ways handled with great care and reflection.