The floor. Interview Techniques Interviews are always stressful

The roles and responsibilities of a crew member at McDonald’s are pretty simple and there isn’t any complexity. They’re responsible for providing food and service at a top quality and meeting the customers’ requirement. They also might be put into different sections on their job because there many areas that different crew members work at. For example you have the kitchen, tilt, fridge, security, floor, walkthrough and Quality, service and Cleanliness (QSC) sections at the restaurants. Each of those sections has their own policies and it’s their responsibility to follow those strategies and perform towards the aims and objectives of the business.


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They get motivated by money, vouchers, discounts, parties and many other things that the McDonald’s restaurant offers to their crewmembers. The crewmembers receive a booklet of vouchers for many different brand stores, they offer 17% discount for Apple products and 20% discount for the British School of Motoring. The crew members receive a discount card and they can get discounts on holidays, CDs and concert tickets etc. in spite of all of those rewards they also do Employee of the Year awards, in which the employee can win a holiday with sun, sea and sand.

One of the crew members also explained to us that despite the financial discounts they receive, they also feel that the atmosphere of working in teams has also motivated them to work efficiently. You could relate these motivational factors to the theories of Herzberg and Mayo. As Herzberg suggested that workers are motivated by their sense of achievements and receiving bonuses or discounts. And Mayo suggested that workers are motivated by working in a team and spreading the work equally in both time and effort.


It is important for the crewmembers to have common sense, to be flexible, willingness to work hard, willingness to rotate shifts if need be, punctual, enthusiastic and active. However, most of their workers might be on a full time course in education and therefore would need to combine the two, so it is important that one of their qualities is organized. They would also need to be able to work under pressure, calm and optimistic; even if the customer is giving them a hard job.

Training and Development

They have a training method which they call the ‘buddy system’ this is when the trainee is partnered with a trainer, who trains them and helps them get on with the job. The basically sit next to their ‘buddy’ and watch how it’s done. The also offer their crew members a course which is called the Floor Manager Development Program; this involves a teaching on how to manage a restaurant floor by yourself. The training and development stage really encourages the crew members to stay at the job and not move on, because it helps them progress on to the next stage of the job. McDonald’s help their crew members develop into more responsible and organized individuals. They have also stated that half of their executive team all started of on the restaurant floor.

Interview Techniques

Interviews are always stressful – even for the interviewers themselves who go through thousands of applicants and then short listing the potential ones for an interview. The best way to reduce the stress is to be prepared with adequate questions and getting as much information as possible on the interviewee. Take the time to review the “standard” interview questions you will most likely ask. Also review sample answers to these typical interview questions.