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Roman Catholic is a monotheistic religion that started out back in the 1st Century AD with a founder named Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is an important figure in the religion because it’s said that he was born to save us. He died to forgive everyone’s sins. Sins are acts that prevent one from going to heaven because they broke a law from GOD in the amendments. Catholics believe that when one dies either they go to heaven, hell, or are in between where GOD gives them duties to fulfill so their sins can be forgiven. They fear to die with sins because when one dies GOD makes a judgment in their lives whether they will go to heaven or hell for eternity. Roman Catholics believe that to go to heaven with GOD they have to have no sins. And in order to do so, if they have sinned, they confess themselves to a priest with the intention of changing their lifestyle for better. When one dies, Catholics believe that praying and asking can result of consideration of the one who died to go to heaven.Roman Catholic is an active religion, especially in the United States. To be Catholic one must go through requirements such as; be baptized, confirmed and commemorate The Last Supper. Though Roman Catholic has so many holidays in where Jesus was born through his last days and later reborn. It has a leadership by a Pope. Before one dies physically, Catholics go through a self-transformation where to decide to go confess themselves to a priest showing remorse for their actions. They have to accept the reeligion becasue without GoD one is alone and on the wrong path to hell. “In that moment, grace conquers sin, and reconciliation bridges the gulf of enstrwagement.”(pg 15). When converting as a Catholic one goes through a process where they do their baptism, confirmation and attend masses. Physically when their bodies die, there is a funeral where loved ones pray to the dead that they go to heaven. Judaism is a religion originated in the Second millennium B.C.E and founded by Moses. The religion believes that there is one GOD and one savior that has not come yet. There are worship restrictions in Judaism where Jews believe that one must be born a jew to practice Judaism but not all Jews agree. The religion follows “Thirteen Articles of faith”, a Jewish scripture to be considered a jew.