Roman Gods Essay

Over the years in American history, many elections have taken place and many terms have been served successfully. After all these years one must wonder how the role of the President of the United States of America has changed. Currently in America the Presidential election is nearing more and more every day and the two leading candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush are making it very hard for voters to decide. Despite the difficulty given to voters, this has definitely an exciting part of history taking place.

This presidential campaign has been a roller coaster ride that has had its ups and downs throughout the course of the last few months. First off, the most amazing thing to me is the difference in the personalities of the main candidates, Bush And Gore. These two completely different people seem to agree on nearly every major issue that has been thrown in the air to be discussed or debated. George W. Bush a Texas man descending from his fathers presidency in 1992, seems to be a very quiet man who stays relaxed fighting through the obnoxious remarks his rival Al Gore continuously is found muttering.

Overall, I really believe a lot of good has come from this on going campaign due to the fact of all that is going on in and around the United States at this time. We have the overseas crisis going on with the entire Middle East, the tragic U. S. S. Cole Mishap, and the education concern over here in America and the need for gun purchasing needs to be regulated. With all these main topics on hand, these two very intelligent men, despite having nearly the same point on every situation have their differences.

They are both making this a good campaign for America due to the fact that these topics are very important to the American people and being that they are agreeing on many topics means that they must express themselves in the very best way possible to get their message through that they deserve to win. On the other hand I see a problem that I have trouble understanding, a problem that I may have not paid attention in the past enough to see if it has always been there.

The problem I am speaking of is the way that these two candidates are going out their way to strive to become president of America. These debates, although found humorous by myself, are also found to be in ways untrue, and just a place to tell people what they would like to hear. I believe that if these questions weren’t being asked by the public and the candidates had to be out on their own constantly telling people what they plan to do while in office they would come up with different topics that they would find more important then others.

Although just an opinion I believe that half of the topics brought up to them, and the ideas given from the general public in debates are the reason that this campaign is the way it is. By asking these questions, the people are telling the candidates what they want, and what the people want is the reason that every topic that is considered a major issue, Al Gore and George W. Bush are not surprisingly agreeing on. This being the only reason I believe that this upcoming election/campaign has been bad. Overall I believe that whoever wins this very close upcoming election will serve a successful term in office for the United States.