Romance Essay

Should the man or woman dominate the relationship? Is there a difference in the nature of how men and women act towards relationships? In a relationship you make a decision. Who will be the provider? Who will be the “Stay at home partner”. I think that the decisions between men and women should be up to those who hold the partnership. There are many types of relationships that men and women can have. This can affect the role of either man or woman. First there is “Companion love. ” You can enjoy the presence of your partner without expecting any kind of commitment.

With this you aren’t always worrying about how each other acts around other people. There is no jealousy involved and little or no obligation. There is also what’s called “unselfish love. ” This is what I consider to be a one sided and useless relationship. One partner gives constantly and expects nothing in return. While the other does nothing to contribute to the relationship. Then there’s what people call “True love”. Each partner gives equally to the other and knows that they can trust each other to the fullest. Love is not something that you know. It is something that you feel.

In each of these partnerships there is a role to be played by each of the two partners. I think that there is no such thing as a completely equal relationship. I think that one partner will always be the dominant one. Whether it be the woman or the man. Although it does not show on the outside, the man is always more susceptible to the wrath of the other it’s significant other. That fact aside though, I do think that as a relationship goes on, more equality between partners develops. In my opinion this is because they both learn to trust each other more as time goes on.

So I say that with months years and days equality and trust are following closely behind. To discuss the topic of True Love vs. Romance. Two people who experience true love will be completely devoted to one another, whereas a romantic relationship may only consist of two people who are together and might not even love each other. Also there is what I like to call the pre-life relationships. The times before you are an adult when you have relationships, in my opinion, are not really meant to last. They are crash courses in love. They just prepare you for what is to come later in life.