Rome and Greece Essay

Ancient Greece and Rome Essay Thesis Statement: How did geography and economy affect the development of Greece and Rome in different and similar ways? Essay: Greece and Rome are both located in Europe. They geography is similar and in different in several ways. Greece and Rome are both a close to the water access which would help for sea trade. Rome is a mountainous and has different ways for easier trade. Greece is a city-state. This makes a high and low re-occurring elevation. Rome’s geography affected its development by it being a City-State.

City-States cannot connect with large empires. That why they were made too many small empires. The reason for the City-States to be created was because of the different people traveled and traded with the Mediterranean basin. Those people made societies under the influence Mesopotamians, Egyptians and etc. Greece was also a City-State but for being such a mountainous region is made a division for them. Greece and Rome was a peninsula. With easy access of water it made it great for sea trade and also made a great transportation. This made lots of wealth of country.

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This brought in different cultures and also helped the Greek civilization spread as far as India. Rome and Greece were countries that the land made agricultural possible. The supports that these countries got were trade overseas. This is why they were both city states. Many different societies would mingle with Rome and Greece. Rome and Greece are much likely the same when it comes to their geography and in their way of trade with many different societies. Being close to the sea made it easier for sea trade. Being city-states made their economy different to each other.