Romeo that he has to be with

Romeo reached over Juliet and cried into her arms. He looked down at her with weak eyes as he opened the bottle of poison. Romeo tells her how much he loves her and that he has to be with her the rest of his life. If the only way to be with her is to commit suicide since she is dead, then so be it. As he raised the poison to his lips, she awoke. It wasnt sudden, but she opened her eyes and moved her hands slowly. Before Romeo had consumed the poison, he had noticed her move. Romeo dropped the poison to the ground, letting glass fragments shatter everywhere along with the spillage of poison. He ran to Juliets arms and they kissed.
Romeo and Juliet lay in the tomb talking about how Romeo thought Juliet was dead and how he was going to kill himself. They discussed what they should do know, realizing that everyone thinks Juliet is dead and Romeo is in Mantua. Romeo and Juliet came to the conclusion that Juliet should tell her parents that she wasnt really dead and express her feeling for Romeo. If her parents love her enough, they wont care. Romeo and Juliet exit the tomb, hoping that no one will notice them. The two of them went to Juliets house. While Juliet went inside, Romeo hid outside at Juliets balcony. Romeo waited for Juliet to return.
When Juliet returned, she had news for Romeo. Her parents were furious with her about faking her death and forbid her to go anywhere near Romeo, a Montague. That left Juliet no choice but to continue not to listen to her parents. She was caught by Romeo as she leapt from her balcony, caring a few of her small symbolic belongings. The two of them left for Mantua, where they would stay and live happily ever after.
When they arrived at Mantua, they were ready to start their new life. They decided that they wanted a child together and made responsible choices. Meanwhile back in Verona, the Capulet and Montague households both cease their feuding. Both families realize that Romeos and Juliets love for each other was meant to be and nothing would change it. The Capulet and Montague households both dont talk to each other but at least they are complete adversaries anymore. Words
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