Romeo & Juliet Responsibility Essay

Romeo and Juliet were responsible for the outcome of the play. First, when they first met, they found out that their families were in a feud and decided to ignore it. Next, when they decided to get married, they both knew what they were getting themselves into by not telling their parents. While they may say that it was Friar Laurence’s fault that Romeo and Juliet died in the end of the play, this is not how thing were meant to look. When Romeo and Juliet first met, they kissed. After the kiss, they found out that they were enemies because of their parent’s family feud.

When they found this out, they completely ignored it. They were in love secretly behind their parent’s backs. They knew very well they couldn’t be together, yet they continued. They were being very stubborn by staying together. In addition, they decided to get married the day after they met. They got married without the permission or consent of both of their parents. When they told Friar Laurence to marry them, he only married them to try to end their family feud. Romeo and Juliet knew took the risk of getting married, knowing all the consequences that came afterwards.

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While some may say that it was Friar Laurence’s fault that Romeo and Juliet die in the end, I must disagree. Romeo and Juliet were both making people responsible for their mistakes. If they got married, they should have thought out how they were going to be together. They should not have made Friar Laurence and Friar John responsible for relationship. Romeo and Juliet were being very selfish when they were stressing Friar Laurence by threatening to kill themselves if his plan didn’t work. Friar Laurence was only trying to help, however there was only so much he could do to help.

After all, Romeo and Juliet were the ones that decided to commit suicide for each other. In conclusion, the fact that Romeo and Juliet fell in love and got married without letting their parents know, I believe they were responsible for their own deaths. Even though people might say it was Friar Laurence’s fault, the blame should be put all on Romeo and Juliet themselves. If they knew they weren’t going to be able to be together then they should have never gotten married and involved Friar Laurence into their relationship.