Rosa take a stand and her gender.

Rosa Parks, a determined civil rights activist who created an immeasurable global difference as she set not only precedence but broke new grounds for change in society and equal rights. Rosa showed that the strength and confidence of one single individual is powerful as she became a major symbol of leadership, determination and fairness. The courage she had to fight for what she felt was right is extremely powerful, and her actions contain significant meaning since they are much more significant given the era in which she made a decision to take a stand and her gender.

Rosa was renounced a hero for standing her ground on a local bus by not giving her seat to a white privileged man. At that moment, Mrs. Parks was motivated by the isolation of black people but the motivation was originally commenced when she first joined the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) with her husband, Raymond Parks. Although being a major influence on freedom and racism, she initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott which became a barrier in order to pursuit social justice. The city filled with negative violent resistors, having Rosa and her husband fired from their jobs, black churches burned down and the homes of Martin Luther King Jr. and E.D Nixon destroyed by bombs. After having the city’s public transportation lose major financial business, the laws were finally modified, ending the boycott.

Rosa earned the nickname of  “mother of the civil rights movement,” indicating the social change she created. With one single action, by refusing to be treated as less or underprivileged because of the color of her skin, Rosa Parks made a significant statement for equal rights. At the time that she decided to ‘sit for change’, black people could sit in the middle of the bus as long as there were enough seats for whites but when asked to get up and move to the back of the bus to give her seat to a white person , Rosa decided that enough was enough and that the colour of our skin shall make no difference in the privileges one deserves. Rosa was arrested but her stand and arrest did not go unnoticed and her strength gave way to the birth of several protest which turned into the birth of the civil rights movement. Rosa is not only an inspiration to women around the world but also to anyone who feels discriminated or treated unfairly in any way by society. As a result of the mental and emotional strength of a single woman, we live in a better world where discrimination is not as strong and deep as it once was. Rosa parks is not only a symbol of strength and power but such an inspiration to people of all colours, races and backgrounds to stand for fairness and equality.