Rouge Caresse by L’Oréal Paris Essay

This advertisement from L’Oréal Paris is about a new generation of lipsticks. This series of lipsticks is called Rouge Caresse and contains ten different kinds of soft colours.

L’Oréal Paris promises ‘a veil of colour’ and a ‘sheer, light finish’. It is said that the application will be soft and easy. Although this advertisement comes from the internet, it is being published in magazines for teen girls (14+) or women under the age of 40 before. This is the target audience of the Rouge Caresse lipsticks of L’Oréal Paris and therefore it is logical to publish this advertisement in these magazines.

The series Rouge Caresse lipsticks was released in the beginning of February 2012, so this advertisement was probably published just before and after the start of this month. You won’t find this advertisement in magazines anymore because it has been a long time since the publication of this product.AIDAL’Oréal Paris published this advertisement with one aim: promoting the new Rouge Caresse lipsticks, so they will make a lot of profit from it. Whether they will achieve this goal depends on their advertisement because without good publication your product will not be known, so it will not be bought. An advertisement contains different factors to make it successful.

You can look at every part by using the AIDA theory. This theory looks at Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. When an advertisement contains a bit of every factor it will be a good one. All those points will be discussed in this essay. A. AttentionThis advertisement includes two illustrations. You can see a big picture of a model called Barbara Palvin, the new face of L’Oréal Paris.

She makes people curious and interested, because you want to know which product she is promoting. The other picture shows the lipstick itself, which clearly shows what is being advertised. You can see the packaging of the lipsticks and some of the available colours, which gives you a feeling about the product. The advertisement is made up of sweet, soft colours, mainly white and light shades of pink. The make-up of the model has been kept natural by using soft, light colours. This layout represents the Rouge Caresse lipsticks: a soft, sheer finish and sweet colours. B. InterestThis product is made for girls and young women who want to have a sheer, shiny lip colour with a light finish on their lips.

There are ten different shades, so everybody will have at least one match. The Rouge Caresse lipsticks are made for women who are interested in beauty and their appearance.C. DesireL’Oréal Paris makes a few claims in this advertisement and on their website about the Rouge Caresse lipsticks.

They promise ‘a veil of colour, [a] sheer, light finish [and] a flutter on your lips.’ Their website promises ‘[a] meltingly soft application [and] a luminous shine.’ These claims are relevant when promoting a lipstick.

For me it is impossible to say anything about the truth of these claims, since these lipsticks are not used by me. Still they are expected to be true, although promises made by producers are often exaggerated. The claims made in this advertisement are important because they give you a clue about what to expect of a product. Due to the facts mentioned above people will buy the product. This is what the producers want. D.

ActionThis advertisement does not offer you anything like a free gift, a discount or a telephone number. However it does refer to the website and Facebook site of L’Oréal Paris in the lower left corner. This is done to inform people even more about the Rouge Caresse lipsticks and to promote other products from L’Oréal Paris.In my opinion, this advertisement succeeded because of some factors that are in it. One of them is the big picture on the left side of the advertisement. This picture makes the viewer curious.

The layout has been kept soft and light, which fits the lipsticks, so it is a good choice. Other factors are the claims made by L’Oréal. Those promises are relevant and probably true. The advertisement urges the consumer to take action by mentioning their website. The magazines where the advertisement was published and the product itself fit the target audience. All those good parts of this advertisement make it very successful and L’Oréal probably achieved its goal: promoting the Rouge Caresse lipsticks.Website L’Oréal Paris: