Roxboro Community School Graduation Speech Rubric Essay

Strong organization of ideas and supporting evidence Strong volume, pitch variation, and steady rate Confident manner/voice: Is not entirely dependent on notes feet planted and gestures are appropriate Obvious enthusiasm and ownership but may not be sustained pronunciation, grammar, sentence Structure; no slang 2 Communication: Meets expectations Clear purpose and thesis Eye contact (at least 3 times with entire audience) _Adequate organization and supporting evidence Stance: Correct Sufficient volume, limited pitch variation (monotone), and generally appropriate rate Some confidence; some shifting, generally controlled gesturesGenerally appropriate pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure; no Slang 1 Communication: Does not meet expectations Purpose and thesis are unclear Brief glances at audience (no more than 2 times) Ineffective organization and supporting evidence Speaks in a barely audible volume; no variation in pitch, rate too fast or too slow Tentative: awkward stance or movement; inappropriate gestures Obvious errors in pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure; uses slang All persuasive or informative speeches should be 2-5 minutes long. A student is automatically disqualified if his/her speech is not at least 2 minutes in length.

If a student exceeds 5 minutes, he or she will be stopped. A student is automatically disqualified if he or she is inappropriately dressed. Speech Dress Guidelines Our goal is for all students to dress professionally and understand that an audience judges a speaker based on first impressions created by his or her attire. Men Must wear a collared dress shirt that buttons all the way down the front Must wear a tie with a traditional collar, rounded collars must be buttoned to the top. Must wear Dress slacks on the hips (no jeans or denim material) Must wear shoes that are not sneakers (boots are fine, but pants leg must cover the boots)

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