Sa food question Essay

Jamie and Gordon are British and they are also chefs, TV celebrities and restaurants’ boss. Jasmine’s famous TV programmer is “The Naked Chefs” and Cordon’s is “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Jasmine’s style in TV’ programmer is relax and natural but Cordon’s is mean and grave. Prefer Jamie to be AS Food Center’s spokesperson since his image is calm. His TV programmer is well-known in many countries and I have tried the food in his restaurant in Hong Kong and that is really nice. He can make the AS product easier to be accepted by the public and more prominent in similar products.I think many people interest in cooking and want to learn cooking from his books or TV programmer.

If he encourages people to use AS food in his books and TV programmer, it should make a lot of people know AS food and want to buy. Moreover, AS Food center can sponsor some AS food to his restaurants and TV programmer and let him mention the food is from AS. He will spend less money and time to purchase the food and AS food is promoted in his restaurants and TV programmer. It will increase the sales volume in both his restaurants and AS Food Center. It is a win-win situation.However, Coos is highly visible and personable, can be major asset and used by local companies. It is not that suitable to represent the company easily since it is important person in the company.

Coos may go out during the risk situation. Also, think experts is also not that suitable to represent AS food because food is not like toothpaste that is needed the experts to tell people the authoritative figures to support how many people to use. AS Food Center just needs to show people the food’s benefits are enough. Finally, I think typical persons is paid actors, it is too hypocritical to consumers.