Sad Ending/Regret Essay

I was suddenly awakened in the middle of night. As I glanced around there was no one except me,laying on an uncomfortable bed. Slowly,I got down from my bed and tiptoed to the window. A slight of cool breeze whipped to my ears. Dead leaves rattled in the wind. There was a stony prickling silence except for the eerie sound of chilly wind howling in the air. Goosebumps sprouted on my skin all over my frail body. A sliver of moonlight glimmered through the wind,slicing my pallid face. Slowly,I swept my dry face and sighed heavily. I had same dream that haunted me for years .

A streak of remorse jabbed into my soul. A purged of guilt poured deep into my heart. I had a bad memory. The memory was glistening trough my luminous intriguing dark eyes. Karakura Town was exceptionally blissful on that day. The sun shone brightly through foliage of hazel maple trees lining the road and puffy clouds briskly skimmed the sky. High in the air,avian were fluttering in the formation of chilly wind,spiraling and squawing. From far,I could see de luxe luxurious majestic ship sailed into the harbor. Kyllie ,my best friend enthusiastically waving towards Luke (my fiancee) and I .

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We were invited by Kyllie to celebrate her grand birthday party at her imposing picturesque manor on Hayaki Island. On the ship,Luke and I sat near the window to observe beautiful panorama of the sea. Feeling bored,I grabbed a novel titled ‘Jealousy’. This novel was about two girls,friends to each other but fall in love to the same man. Luke assertively persuaded me not to read the book. He truly know that I was a jealous girl. From far ,Kyllie surreptitiously glanced towards us. Kyllie was my bestfriend,we shared a lot of things together including fall in love to the same man. What a coincidence!

But I was more lucky as Luke choose me instead of Kyllie. Now,we could see the imposing picturesque majestic villa stood on the hill. Big,solitude and mystery. Reaching the villa,Luke and I strolled at the splendour vicinity. The villa had a beautiful flower garden. Needless to say,the mansion was too beautiful. And…it had altered my life towards destruction. The villa had thirteen rooms. Kyllie shared her cozy room with me. Luke’s room was opposite to our room. At the night,the birthday celebration began. I put high heeled Prada shoes,an a la mode lilac Vera Wang dress and bona fide Gucci handbag.

Then,I got looked who looked so handsome in his Pierre Cardin coat. He kissed my hand and we headed to the ball. Arriving at the ball,we did waltz together. Everyone kept staring to us. We had become the most glamorous couple at the ball. Feeling exhausted,we headed to the exclusive Lorenzo table at the corner of the ball. Munching our lavish marvelous foods,we held a sigh of relief and scrutinized Kyllie who strode to us. She looked so elegant with black taffeta ball gown with swirly skirt . Her aesthetic smile could break the ice in mt glass. She looked so gorgeous.

Her lustrous hair hung down to her shoulder . Then, she reached Luke’s hand and uttered ,”May I have the pleasure”. For a moment,there was stony deadly silence Luke blinked his eyes towards me,as if he was asking for my permission. I was rendered speechless. My mouth was opening and shutting like a gold fish . My notion assured me that luke will never deceive me. Smiling towards Kyllie ,I uttered,”Go Luke “. Kyllie and Luke did waltz in the middle of the ball. Luke did waltz as well as Fred Astaire. They looked like a couple then, my heart was clashing with my changing emotion .

My hand trembled in wrath . Sceptism and prejudice suddenly mixed and poured to my heart . I swallowed hard,trying to keep control of my heart . But,emotion was governing my mind. I could not see them anymore . Thus, I left them and sauntered to my room. The clock struck 3 a. m and pendulum went “tick tock”. I was suddenly awakened in the middle of night”Kyllie”? I rubbed my blurred eyes and called her name . Kyllie was not here. ”Kyllie where are you”I kept inquiring maybe there are still dancing . The thought hit me like a bullet .

No, who want to dance in this earthly hour. I reasoned to myself . Every notion in my body is on red alert . Curiousity was mushrooming in my soul. Opening the door,I wildly peered into the surrounding . Door of Luke room was ajar. I slowly strolled to his room. My curiosity was aroused Kyllie’sperfume hung in the air. Out of the blue,I stormed to the room and noticed Kyllie and Luke sat rooted to the ground ,aghast without any further ado,I hit Luke as hard as I cod. Dumfounded,Kyllie tried to save Luke by pushing me away Luke I was swirling and hitting the rickety cupboard.

A vase landed to my hair and broken into pieces. Anger was flaring in my eyes . Without wasting any time,I blindly grabbed the broken pieces of vase ,swirled and stabbed into Kyllie’s stomach. I stabbed her over and over again . My hand smeared with her blood . Flabber gasted ,Luke bellowed . ”stop it she ‘s not guilty “I contemptuously stared at him. Hatred swept through my body ,”How dare you Luke , I love you so much ,and why you do this to me? I turned to him and stabbed him over and over . Then,I stopped waiting for his answer .

But Luke could not answer anymore as he was already dead. I had done a big sin . A sin that could not be apologised. I was sent to mental hospital . But, guilt remained guilt. I was sentenced to death if only I had known that Kyllie was innocent. If only I had known that they only discussed to give surprise for my birthday party. My impulsive act had turned my life towards disaster . A slow shimmer of tears rose towards the dark irises of my eyes . I sobbed ,wallowed in self pity . I had done a wrong decision by killing them. I regretted that decision for the rest of my life.