Saint Sophia Essay

Throughout the structure, Saint Sophia, many earlier Roman architectural styles are reflected. First, there are many columns supporting other various parts of the building, most noticeable where they are accompanied by the arches. The arches happen to be another ancient Roman style (rather than post and lintel), present in many other Roman wonders like the Colloseum. 2. An emperor, such as Justinian, may have wanted to build a structure like this for numerous reasons. 1 . As devotion and dedication to God. 2. To establish is own beliefs among the rest of the state/ region, and 3. o convert many foreigners and merchants who passed by and would be awe struck by the massive and elaborate structure 3. The cathedral suggests that the Byzantines were appreciative and dedicated of/to the gods. This can be concluded from the name, but also the architectural design of the cathedral. The cathedral is known as Saint Sophia, indicating that Sophia must have been a name that people of the region positively associated with God. In terms of Saint Sophia’s architectural design, it is obviously massive in height hich reflected the Byzantines reaching toward the heavens and God.

It also lets in an enormous amount of light, illuminating the inside of the cathedral. 4. This structure implies a powerful message that the Byzantine state was devoted and wealthy. This suggests that the Byzantine state was devoted because, in its time, Saint Sophia would take years to accomplish, even under construction of thousands upon thousands of hard working laborers. This structure would also suggest wealth because it appears that the dome- haped ceiling is made solely of pure gold in addition to its already large foundation and height. . This cathedral’s qualities and design’s would leave a long lasting impression on visitors such as merchants. Passer byers may be awe struck and impressed by the structure and captivated by its beauty that they themselves decide to covert beliefs sooner or later. 6. In order to change the cathedral into a mosque, many renovations occurred. Perhaps one of the most drastic changes was the erection of minarets, tall towers with conical tops that are a distinctive feature of mosq Lies.