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CTO – Sales and Marketing –  Network Administration – Information Systems


Over 17 years of unparalleled high-tech sales and marketing results.
Directs complex and challenging sales, marketing, and IT initiatives for industry leaders.
Leads successful high-stakes marketing initiatives
Expertise as Information Systems Manager in Windows and UNIX systems.
Proficient in numerous languages used in publishing.
Thrives in an entrepreneurial environment
Successfully applies initiative toward increasing sales and developing others.
Effectively directs the following projects:

Branding, Identity, Demand Creation, Sales, Marketing, Financing, Franchising, Mergers, Acquisitions, Mass Customization, Customer Service, Technical Support Management, Networking, Database Management, Desktop Support, Telecommunications, Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Inc., Boca Raton, Florida                                            2007 – Date

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Direct the positioning and promotion of NavQuest online navigation solutions.

Direct revenue-generating online advertising sales.


·         Hired sales team employees to sell record numbers of banner advertising services.

·         Directed successful branding, and identity.

·         Directed and coordinated all sales and marketing efforts.

TSC Consulting, Inc. West Palm Beach, Florida                                 2005 – 2007

(This Privately Held company was sold to Site Technology Group Inc.)

Vice President of Sales & Marketing/Chief Technology Officer


·         Directed sales of consulting services to Computer & Network Security industry.

·         Hired sales team employees to sell offsite backup services at record levels.

·         Authored and directed Disaster Recovery Plans for national brands

·         Maintained servers in remote locations, providing data services in email. web hosting, and offsite data backups.

·         Coordinated all sales and marketing efforts.

·         Successfully directed a team of programming, DRP, and design professionals.

Gaspare J. Marturano

200 Canterbury Place

Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33414

561.827.6447 (Home)

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ProQuest Information & Learning, Boca Raton, Florida                    2001 – 2005

Network Administration Manager

Directed three team members in resolving issues concerning network, desktops, hardware,

and software. Implemented upgrades and ordered hardware for 200 users.


·         Successfully researched and negotiated all IT systems contracts, including long distance, DS3 and T1 Services., consistently within budget and on time.

·         Managed Disaster Recovery Plan, maintaining back up in remote locations.

·         Coordinated team effort to add/remove/reconfigure network servers and services, including DNS, SendMail, TCP/IP, WINS, web servers and backups with no interruptions in production.

Primedia Consumer Magazine Group, New York, New York             1997 – 2001

Information Systems Manager

Managed all IT support for consumer magazines group, including Seventeen, New York,

Automobile, Soap Opera Digest/Weekly and Primedia corporate headquarters.

Successfully supervised staff of 6 to assist with 2,000 desktops.


·         Directed Project Teams supporting 2,000+ employees on Novell 4.x LAN/WAN.

·         Managed configuration, installation, maintenance and upgrades of Consumer Magazine Division, including remote Novell ZEN works via RAS accounts, corporate and home sites.

·         Created policies, procedures and project plans approved by Senior Management.

·         Led systems budgeting, inventory tracking, scheduling and tracking of training.

Additional Experience

Owned Magus Technologies, Inc., in Boca Raton, Florida for four years, providing network integration and oversight of file servers and hiring/directing staff. Sold the company to SIRS Publishing, Inc. and stayed on as a successful Technical Support/Project Manager for four years. SIRS serviced over 54,000 libraries and 34,000 customers globally with CD-ROM products, operating systems, networks, and software services and was sold to the highly successful ProQuest, for whom I worked an additional four years as a successful Network Administration Manager.


Florida Atlantic University. Boca Raton, Florida.


   Trump University

MBA in a day presented by Steven Stralser PhD,
The Power of Focus presented by Les Hewitt,
The Path to Entrepreneurial Success presented by Paul Wimer,
Strategic Marketing presented by Professor Don Sexton PhD,
Leadership in Balance presented by Paul Damiano & Joan Gurvis

Gaspare J. Marturano

200 Canterbury Place

Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33414

561.827.6447 (Home)

[email protected]

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   Magazine Publishers of America

Fundamentals of Magazine Production

   American Marketing Association

Sales & Marketing presented by ProActive

   3COM Master Certification

High Performance Workgroup Solutions,
Building Campus Backbone Solutions,
Remote Networking Solutions,
WAN Solutions,
LANPLEX Authorizations,
NetBuilder II Authorizations,
AccessBuilder Authorization.

   3COM Sales Certification

High Speed Technologies,
Workgroup Solutions,
WAN Technologies,
WAN Backbone Strategies,
Remote Networking Solutions.

   Vinca Certified Engineer

Standby Server Certification for Novell Netware 3.x/4.x, Microsoft
Windows NT 4.0, IBM OS/2Warp.

New Horizons Centers

Advanced Windows NT 4.0,
Netware Administrator 5.0

   Allaire Corp

ColdFusion Web Development

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
Association of Contingency Planners (ACP)