Salted Herbal Chicken Business Proposal Essay

BUSINESS PLAN PROPOSAL Nature of business Our nature of business is Salted Herbal Chicken. So, we had chosen Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken which is located at Ipoh to expand their business by using franchise systems. Our main consideration is healthy and quality food. So, normally we are using kampung chicken and cooked in hot salt to make it juicy and delicious. Whole chickens are wrapped in oil paper and then baked in a big steel pot filled with heated salt.

Chinese Angelica was also added to emanate a sweet fragrance.Since now we are going to expand the business throughout the Malaysia, so we have to look into long term prospect. We are planned to produce the salted chicken by fully machinery operated which is replacement for manually operated.

This will help us to reduce the labor cost. We planned to start up our franchise system in Kuala Lumpur on 8th of August 2010. We believe that the payback period of this franchise business is within 17 months. Mission To serve the best quality foods with the excellent service in a friendly and hygiene environment.Vision To make it as a well-known brand throughout Malaysia.

Marketing We believe that our business will be able to win the hearts of consumer by using natural ingredients and based on traditional styles. We will still continue our main business concept which is high quality food in an affordable price. Besides, the most important things is to let peoples know that the existence of this Salted Herbal Chicken by spending much money promotional strategies such as distribute flyers, media, advertisement and so on.

Promoting in housing area is important as well because we do provide delivery service. In addition, our salted herbal chicken is targeted to tourists, white color workers, and students. Financial Control The maximum budget of this franchise system is RM 1 million.

We estimate that the profit before tax will be able to break-even within six months. Not only that, we also believe that we will have positive cash flow in 17 months. ManagementWe would like to recruit either skilful or non skilled workers but they must be dedicated and committed to their jobs.

We will start to recruit the employees one month before the franchise business started in order to train them and observed them before they start to work. Reason The most attractive point that attract us to franchise this Salted chicken is because it is unique, tasty, affordable, healthy and have a big potential to spread this food throughout Malaysia.