Same-Sex Marriage is not only supposed to be

Same-Sex Marriage

According to Smith and Library of Congress (2012), marriage between people or partners having the same gender and is recognized by the nation’s jurisdictions is known as same-sex marriage. Many societies around the world are divided about opinions pertaining gay marriages. However, in the modern world, gay marriages are being accepted widely as compared to the past years. The majority of countries have gone ahead to legalize it. When it comes to same-sex marriages, everybody has got their opinions. The paper seeks to explain in detail about gay marriages.

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Firstly, many people oppose gay marriages because these relations are biologically unnatural making it hard for them to raise bear children. The point thus brings out the close link existing between procreation and marriage. The majority of those that support the move have said that it is not right to oppose the move saying that impotent groups have the inability to raise children according to (Smith and Library of Congress, 2012). Since the marriage institution has not been conditioned with procreation, gay people should not be opposed from marrying one another. Marriage is not only supposed to be the opinion of couples having the intention of having children according to (“Money, Couples and the Self,” n.d., p.20). The fact implies that no one would engage in conflicts even when people of the opposite sex married without having children. Therefore, there is no need for people to complain about same-sex marriage as it does not in any level symbolize the reproductive potential of couples.

Secondly, many people believe that same-sex marriage violates not only the religious beliefs but also the old traditional values that help in procreation. Religions such as Catholicism promote the free creation of offspring something that gay marriages cannot do. In Abrahamic religions, the practice is considered as a sin as they cannot procreate. People become too liberal and can lead to the loss of cultural values leading to the decline of the nucleus family says (Heaphy, Smart, and Einarsdottir, 2013). The trend will likely spread to future generations making many people forget their traditional values. Gay marriage is hard to tackle as the aspect of raising children is mentioned. The society advocates for people to go for conventional methods of various sex marriages for making it convenient to raise future generations.

Lastly, gay marriages have been opposed as they will lead to the decline in human population. Gay relationships imply that children cannot be naturally produced. The couples must seek methods such as artificial insemination or adopt children whenever they have plans of raising families. Films Media Group and Intelligence2 (2015), explains that affection towards children will also differ among such groups as Mothers release the hormone oxytocin that binds her to the child. The continuous rise in same-sex marriages will not only lead to the decline in the quality of childhood life but also birthrates (“Same Sex Marriage Essay – Jason 11th Grade,” 2015). Children in these families find it hard in having a balance in their role models. A man may not play the female roles well due to both psychological make-up and physical structure. The damage may thus prove to be costly for the children.

In conclusion, gay marriages are done by people for pursuing happiness, freedom, and liberty. Equity in marriage is a right of the couples that must be administered to them legally and socially and also create awareness among the people of the benefits and consequences. People must not be restricted by the society when it comes to choosing their partners for life. Furthermore, they must have the permission to choose partners from either same or opposite sex.






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