Same Sex Marriage Persuasive Reseach Paper Essay

Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Mexico City, Spain, and South Africa have legalized same sex marriage. Even though same sex marriage has just been brought to light recently, it has been an ongoing problem for countless of years. “Same-sex marriage has existed throughout all of history. In ancient times the unions were not sanctioned by any governing body but ceremonies were held in various parts of the world where individuals of the same sex would have arrangements or contracts, binding hem to each other.In some cultures, these marriages were culturally acceptable, however in ancient Rome a law was put in place by Connotations and Constant that condemned marriages between partners of the same sex.

The punishment for breaking this law was death. ” Personally if two people, same sex or not, show positivist, empathy, commitment, acceptance, love and respect, all the characteristics or a happy marriage, then they should be able to legally marry. Same sex marriage is a rising issue and it is a very important topic.Same sex marriage is the cause for a lot of suicides and low self-esteem problem with the homosexual community. Same sex marriage is a form of indirect discrimination and fairness, it has put a limit to peoples’ rights and freedom. Same sex marriage can help with distortions in our children’s development that have profound affects on our national health and happiness.

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