Homo-sexual couples and children Essay

Who should it be to say what is best for a couples child/children? Religious beliefs feel that society will suffer if privileges are given to same-sex couples due to marriage results in birth of children. Homo-sexual couples are unable to reproduce children. However, a percentage of homosexuals or lesbians already have children from previous relationships.

Also, there is the choice of having a sergeant or adoption. There are many children in adoption agencies waiting for a place to call home.Even though our fourteenth amendment reads “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States… Nor deny to any person within he jurisdiction the equal protection of laws.

” However, many places has discriminated against gays and lesbians as citizens who have rights. They have been denied employment and education. After a congressman, a democrat from Massachusetts announced that he was gay, other doors began to open up for the gays and lesbian couples. In 1991 , a black lesbian, Sherry Harris, was elected mayor of Seattle, Washington.Then, by the ass’s, U.

S Companies as diverse as the Lotus Software Company, Levi Strauss, the Bottle Globe, and the Apple Computer had granted spousal benefits, such as health insurance, to the partners of homosexual employees. Also, during that same time, large U. S Corporations had formal nondiscrimination Policies covering gay men and lesbians. Many people believe children of homosexuals and lesbians cannot parent a child properly and teach them all the skills they need to grow. A mother knows more of the lady things a child should know and a father can assist with the man part of the teaching.However, wouldn’t a child/children be missing out on one side by being raised by a single parent? The 2000 U. S Census Bureau counted about six thousand same-sex couples sharing households. Children were living in 28 percent of these households.

This means about more than two hundred thousand are living with two homosexual parents or two lesbian parents. The main issues these families face is the reactions of Society. There is nothing that states that children who are raised in gay or lesbian homes have more problems than any other child mentally, physically or emotionally.

There is no psychological evidence that states that children raised in these homes are worse than any other child living in heterosexual homes. The main things are how they are treated by society or their peers. In today’s society, many children bully for many reasons. If there isn’t a reason, then a bully will make up one. Therefore, where someone is raised or who their parents are has nothing to do with the problem. The bullies are the problem! Marriage is a commitment you make in front of many loved ones and your state for the one you love.

To make a bond for the rest of your life.A promise bigger than any other that could be made. Who gets to decide who someone experiences this with? Heterosexuals don’t have anyone making this decision for them. Therefore, what gives them the right to make the decision because someone sexual preference is different than they believe it should be? This timeline shows how far we have come and how long homosexuality has been around. The timeline goes back until 1969 but homosexuality actually goes back farther than that.

Therefore, people can prove that since it goes back at least until the sass’s never going to go away.Why not just stop fighting with homosexuality, lesbians, and let them be married to who they want to be married too. Timeline 1969- On June 28, New York City police raid the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar.

The riots and demonstrations that follow mark the beginning of the modern gay- rights movement in the United States. 974- The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its list of medical diseases and disorders. 1981- First reports of mysterious. Deadly sickness afflicting gay men in the United States surface- the beginning Of the AIDS epidemic. 984- Berkeley, California, grants same-sex partners of local government employees and the same benefits granted to their employees’ legal spouses. 1986- The U.

S. Supreme Court, in Bowers V. Hardwire, upholds state laws against homosexual sex.

1992- The software company Lotus becomes the first U. S. Company with publicly traded stock to offer family benefits to same-sex ratters of employees.

1993- On May 5, Hawaii’s state Supreme Court, in Baber V. Lenin, decides that it is a violation of the state constitution to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples unless the state can show a “compelling state interest’ for doing so.Vermont becomes first state to grant health insurance benefits to same-sex partners of state employees. Austin, Texas, becomes the first U.

S. Municipality to overturn an existing domestic partnership law. A Virginia court takes custody of a toddler away from his mother solely because the mother is a lesbian living with her same-sex ratter. 1996- In September President Bill Clinton signs the defense of Marriage Act (DOOM), which forbids federal recognition and federal tax and pension benefits for same-sex marriage partners. DOOM also gives states the right to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. 997- In July three same-sex Vermont couples who had been refused marriage licenses file suit seeking rights to marry. Nine more states pass legislation against same-sex marriage. 1998- An Alaska court renders a decision similar to Hawaii’s 1 993 Baber decision, ruling that denying same sex- couples marriage licenses violates the state constitution.

In November voters in Hawaii and Alaska approve amendments to their states’ constitutions against same-sex marriage, effectively overruling the previous state court decisions favoring it.Six states pass antigen marriage legislation, bringing the total number of states that have done so to thirty. 1999- On December 20, Ferment’s state supreme court rules that the state must grant same-sex couples the same protections and benefits as heterosexual couples, either by allowing same-sex marriages or by creating an equivalent domestic readership option. 2000- The U. S.

Census Bureau counts almost six hundred thousand same-sex couples. Children are living in 28 percent of these households. On April 26, Ferment’s governor, Howard Dean, signs the state’s civil union bill into law.On July 1, shortly after midnight, two women become the first couple to be issued license and to be joined in union under Ferment’s civil union law.

2001- In April lawyers file suit in Boston, Massachusetts, on behalf of seven same-sex couples seeking the right to marry. 2003- On June 26, the U. S. Supreme Court strikes down on all the remaining state sodomy’s laws.

In September Californians governor, Gray Davis, signs a bill assigning a long list of benefits and responsibilities to domestic partners, making registering for domestic partnership similar to getting married in its statewide legal effects.On November 18, the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court rules, in Goodlier V. Department of Public Health, that denying marriage to same-sex couples violates the State constitution. 2004- On February 4, the Massachusetts State Supreme Judicial Court informs the state’s legislature that a same-sex civil union law won’t meet the court’s mandate in the Goodlier and that nothing short of reggae will do On February 12, the mayor of San Francisco announces that the city will begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.On March 1 1, the California State Supreme Court suspends the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. On May 1 7, the first marriage licenses are issued to same-sex couples in Massachusetts. In July the Family Amendment is voted down in the U. S.

Senate. On August 12, the California State Supreme Court annuls all the same-sex marriages that had been performed in San Francisco. 2005- On October 1, Connecticut legalizes same-sex civil unions, which provide for the same benefits and privileges the state grants to married couples. 2006- On June 7, the U.S. Senate once again votes against an amendment to the U.

S. Constitution against same-sex- marriage. On October 25, the New Jersey Supreme Court rules that within six months the state must take available to same-sex couple’s legal recognition equivalent to marriage.

In December New Jerseys State legislature legalizes same-sex civil union’s equivalent to marriage under state law. 2007- In February Rhode Island declares that it will recognize any marriage legally made in another state, including same-sex marriages made in neighboring Massachusetts.On April 26, New Hampshire state legislation authorizes same-sex- civil union’s equivalent to marriage. On November 7, voters in seven states approve same- sex- marriage bans.

Total number of states with such laws increases to twenty-seven. 2008- On May 15, Californians Supreme Court strikes down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Between June and November, eighteen thousand same-sex couples from around the county are married in California On November 4, California voters approve Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage. Two other states also approve same-sex- marriage bans.