sample of earthquake resistance home

Samples of earthquake resistant home.Construction cost from 2 million to 2.

5million Urban Development and Building ConstructionDepartment publicly declared 17 sample samples of earthquake-resistant home.The house supremacy of the department, which can be caused by other types ofearthquake earthquakes, and other public houses, targeted for the rural areas,can also be avoided. Under the housing supremacy made by the use of localresources and manpower, the house head of the housing department Raju Neapaneinformed. “It is worth Rs 2 lakhs to 2.5 million rupees to make such modelhouse,” he said. “The smallest small house is worth Rs. 2 lakhs, andthe highest cost should be up to Rs.

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25 lakhs.” The department alsomentioned the materials and manpower needed to make various models of houses.The cost is not mentioned. He said that the cost of the goods needed to be madein the house would not be mentioned because the differences would be different.

In the second phase, both the rural andurban areas have also publicized the 17 modal houses of the Hankhel. ChiefHouses of the housing branch, Neupane, told that such houses can be used byconstruction materials such as Junk Block, Light Gauge Steel, Inner LockingBrick, Banking Standard Block, Wood, Beyondage Blake. These houses will beprepared from Rs 3 lakhs to 25 lakhs. The first phase is the use of home-madestones, bricks and bricks, and can be enhanced by the connectivity of soil.Neupane said that the second phase is based on the new technology that can beused using other construction materials. The supermarkets have studied a model ofNepali style houses by studying a long time.

“We were already studyingthis,” Neupane said, “it has become bigger and more difficult afterthe earthquake.” From outside, it looks like Nepalese style is seen, butit is believed that every kind of earthquake-resistant module is expected to bein the house. He said that 30 years of construction of stones and clay, such asthe house, made 50 years old and RCC for 70 years.

Another advantage of making the homemade modelis not difficult to pass through the map. If a home model is ready, a map ofthe house will pass in 10 minutes. “Everyone does not have to make such ahouse, but those who want to build a house according to the model given by us,their maps will pass in 10 minutes,” Neupane said, “Apart from thesemodules, building houses apart should be done all other processes.” Such modal houses are made according to therequirement, to make right and upward.

Arrangement of the construction of a10-watt panels of solar panels in every house, making a home on governmentgrants in ‘fully damaged housing rebuilding grant procedure, 2072’ from theearthquake prepared by the Urban Development Ministry.