Sample Outline of Persuasive Speech Essay

Yet the elderly often have trouble traveling to three-times-a-week classes at a local college to get that stimulation. II. Today’s retirees are going to live longer than ever and so must keep learning to keep from falling significantly far behind the rest of society. Work with power motives (especially defense and fear) to make them want to hear more. I. Need Step II. The Internet and the growing number of high-quality World Wide Web- based classes-?more than 500,000 now available online-?create great opportunities for people living at this housing project.

A. You have plenty of computer with browsers. ?LSI-* B.Because Internet courses often cost much less than bricks-and-mortar Millraces-?most classes run $300-500-?you can afford college-level schooling. C.

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You’re chatter-?good conversationalists-?which is just what makes a good Web-based class into a rewarding experience. II. I will spend this semester as a resource person and tutor for you. A. I’ll provide technical help for any of you where new to computer work. B. I’ll help you surf the Internet to find a course that is to your liking. C.

I’ll be your tutor s well, even setting up some study groups for people who are studying similar kinds of things.Tie your proposal to environmental elements in the center as well as to achievement motives (pride, success, and adventure). Visualizing Step I. Think of what you have available on the Internet A. The California Virtual Campus has over 2000 courses available online. B.

Indiana university will let you learn a bachelor’s degree in General Studies electronically. C. The Rochester Intuitive of Technology has serious science and technology coo rises available to those of you who come out of technical aground. D. The University of California at Berkeley lets you start courses anytime. E.

Western Governor’s University will even give you credit for life experience. II. While virtual connections with faculty and fellow students are not as good as face-to-face contact in most people’s opinions, they can be very rewarding. A.

Think of the pleasure you can have in chatting about Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist in an Introduction To Victorian Literature course offered by an urban Eastern university. B. Just consider what your life will be like when you an tune into a lecture by a professor working in Cairo while you stay home but are listening alongside a fellow classmate living in Tokyo.

C. Because you no longer have to worry about everything you learn being practical, you can take a course in World Politics from the New School for Social Research in New York, and a course in drawing design from the University of Washington. Blend appeals to achievement (prestige, creativity, curiosity and personal enjoyment) and to power (autonomy/independence), using lifestyle characterizers sensitive to some of the usual interest of active elderly people. Action Step l.

You all know the value of education; otherwise, you wouldn’t have come to this meeting.A. You all know the value of thinking and understanding and evaluating for your own enjoyment and mental health. B. You all know that these computers would be doing a lot more good around here if they were being used more productively.

II. And you all know, I hope, that my commitment to your personal and collective development means that today’s the day to sign up for the virtual ride of your lifetime down the Information Highway. Final appeals to self-achievement and the credibility of the speaker.