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Except where hey are expressly required, pencils may be used only for drawing, sketching or graphical work. ENGAGING Sample Final Exam Section A: Multiple Choice Questions Answer the questions in this section on the answer sheet provided, NOT on this paper. Each question has four alternatives. Once you have chosen an alternative, fill in the selected letter (e. G. , “B)”) against the question number on the multiple- choice sheet. Be careful that you fill each answer in on the correct row of the multiple-choice sheet, and erase any stray marks.

Each question in this section is worth 1 (one) mark. There is no additional penalty for answering a question incorrectly. It is recommended that you spend no more than 40 minutes on this section. AH. What kind of communication does the Internet use? A) B) C) D) Broadcast Synchronous Point-to-point Radio AH. Which of the following statements about the binary sequence 01101101 is false? A) Suppose that in a MS Excel spreadsheet cells AH , Bal and CLC contain the values 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

What value will be displayed in a cell containing the formula It represents a byte of data It uses even parity It could be used to encode a single ASCII character 4 6 the formula is invalid Suppose you want to design a query in a MS Access database that requests input from the user when the query is run, and then displays records selected on the basis of the users input. What kind of query would you use? A) Action query Append query Parameter query Question query page 2 of 19 AS. Consider the following portion of a MS Excel worksheet.

Suppose that cell EH contains the formula -?USB+C$3 and that this cell is now copied to cell ADS. What value will be shown in cell 05? Which of the following is not a valid formula when typed into the cell 15 in a MS Excel worksheet? 9 10 14 16 -AVERAGE(A$I :84, DES$5) -AVERAGE(AH) Which one of the following statements is false? Firewalls are used to protect computers from fire. Cluster computing uses hardware of generally uniform type. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPPP) is uses 16 byte IP-addresses. IP packets (of the same message) may take different routes across the Internet. AH.

In MS Excel, the Histogram tool can be used to… Display historical commands. Display historical calculations. Calculate and display correlations between two or more variables. None of the above. Page 3 of 19 ENGAGING Sample Anal Exam Consider the following portion of a MS Excel worksheet Suppose that cell CLC contains the formula >35,”Hot’,”Cool”) and that this cell is now copied to cell CA. What value will be shown in cell CA? A) AH 0. In MS Access, which one of the following statements is true for the wildcat character * (asterisk)? All. Hot Cool Error None of the above It matches 1 or more characters.

It matches O or more spaces. It matches O or more strings. It matches 0 or more characters. Which one of the following statements is true? A) IP addresses are of the form [email protected] B) Cloud computing has no outstanding security issues. C) Cloud computing clients generally do not need local hardware except internet-connected PC’s equipped with a web browser. D) Embedded systems can be easily reprogrammed for a new task. AH 2. AH 3. RIFF tags require laser scanning. A passive RIFF tag does not use an antenna. An active RADAR tag does not require a power SOL_Cree. Normally passive RIFF tags store ID numbers.

The original version of ASCII used, 4-bit code 7-bit code 8-bit code 16-bit code page 4 of 19 AAA. Another term for database redundancy is: AH 5. Duplication omission implementation assessment Which of the following is used extensively in modern technical design work: A) slide rules B) [email protected] soft;are C) [email protected] software D) [email protected] software AH 6. In analog to digital conversion, which sampling parameter(s) most affect the accuracy Of the digital representation? Sampling rate only both sampling rate and compression both quantization and aliasing both sampling rate and quantization. AAA.

Enforcing data types while designing a database helps us to: A) avoid possible data entry errors B) reduce redundancy in a database C) save data types for future use D) none of the above AH 8. In SQL, the WHERE clause specifies: A) a list of fields to be used B) a list of tables to be used C) constraints on rows D) constraints on columns AH 9. Which one of the following statements about Web Services is true? A) Web Services require specialized local hardware B) Web Services are only available on the Windows platform C) Web Services offer services in a human readable form D) Web Services offer services in a machine readable form AAA.

Which one of the following statements about embedded systems is false? A) embedded systems use general purpose computers to provide a did range of functions B) embedded systems must be reliable enough to run continuously for a long time without error C) embedded systems often have real-time performance constraints D) software for embedded systems is usually stored in flash or similar memory Page 5 of 19 ENGAGING sample Final Exam AAA. Which one of the following statements is true? A) forward chaining starts with outcomes and tries to find possible causes for the outcomes.

B) expert systems tend to cover a wide area of expertise in many domains C) decision trees are used in some machine learning algorithms D) it’s easy to acquire tacit knowledge AAA. Which of the following strings does match the pattern used with the Like operator in ABA or in MS Access queries? A) Jan 1 988 B) February 1 989 C) December 2008 D) Novo 1980 AAA. Data travels from one location to another within the computer on an electronic pathway or circuit called: A) a router B) a video driver C) an output port D) a data bus AAA. Which one of the following statements is true?