Sample Rational Essay

I have written about the feelings of the nurse after the conclusion of the drama. In the second sentence of my essay I used the simile “like a church bell”, which links in with the play as Strindberg depicts the nurse as being a staunch Baptist, to the point where she attempts to convert Bertha. One of the main themes in the play is that of deceit, as associated with Laura. I have constantly commented on this when referring to Laura.

For example I described “a mask of grief covering her face”, while in the play Laura is dissembling when talking to the doctor so as to convince him that the Captain is mentally unstable allowing her to gain control over Bertha as well as the Captain’s wealth. Another theme of The Father is the weakness of the Captain, and men in general in comparison with women. To express this, I described the Captain’s body being limp.

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In the play, the Pastor says, “You are too strong for me Laura. ” There is some irony here as despite his misogyny, Strindberg is depicting women as the stronger sex. Many feminists of the day may have approved of this, as it differs greatly from the then standard perception of woman being fragile and weak. I have also commented on the totality of the Captain’s life in the form of the nurse’s flashback: “a little baby laying his head on her lap… Despite great efforts on the Captain’s part to distance himself from women, they have obviously played a very significant role in his life, the old nurse having been with him for the duration of his life. Furthermore, he has lived together with four women for what appears to have been a considerable amount of time. Finally, I criticized Strindberg’s misogyny and generalization of women by having the nurse giving her opinion of Laura, that she “is a deceitful woman,” showing that not all women are as Strindberg portrays them in the play but rather that Laura is an exception.