Sample Thesis Description Essay

Security System through Mobile Phone System Description: The Access control system is designed to control entry to authorized personnel only to the IT rooms. It is also for used securing all staircase doors and making it UN-accessible during normal conditions. This is done by securing the door using 600-BBS electro-magnetic locks mounted on the door frame. A PC with ACM software will monitor all events and alarms as it occurs in real time. The PC will also be used to download information to the respected door controllers and in/out modules.A laser printer is provided for printing of events and alarms. The PC and printer will be located in the IT rooms.

The door controller and in/out module will be installed inside the LEVEL riser. All the wiring to the field devices, e. G. Card reader, electro-magnetic lock, break glass, exit button and magnetic floor contact, will go to the riser. The cables will run through trucking and conduit used specifically for the access control system. Only authorized personnel, as pre-programmed in the door controller by the ACM, will be allowed access to the IT Room.

Once a valid card is flashed to the card reader, the Door Controller will release the electro-magnetic lock the door. And exit button will be provided to release the lock for normal exiting of the room. The door contact will be used to monitor the door status (open or closed), forced entry and door opened too long (DOLT).

All electro-magnetic locks will be connected is series to the break glass station for releasing the doors during emergency situations.