People often quote that when in Rome, do as the Romans do.This proverb, however clichéd, has been a guiding principle for me while discoveringunchartered territories! I believe that the unbridled joy of fully exploring aplace can only be experienced when you mingle with the locals.  As a millennial who has read about hundreds oftravel guides to satiate my curiosity to know different cultures, I was nevernowhere near quenching that thirst when I travelled on my own. Even thoughtravel did bring in a certain level of confidence to that introvert, it wasn’t untilI lived with the locals during my visit to a rather offbeat place – Chaukri,nestled away in the remote corner of Uttrakhand, did I realise what I had beenmissing all along. If I had not stayed with a local family in Chaukri, I wouldhave never woken up to see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset!  It is not just the beauty of the nature that one exploresmore intimately, rather, a variety of other phenomena and rituals that we mightmiss because we were busy relaxing in that expensive hotel suite.