Samsung are both environmentally friendly and were awarded

Samsung was recognized as Most efficient by ENERGY STAR in 2015Samsung claims they have reduced its use of hazardous materials used in electronics over the past several years. This means that Samsung’s newest TVs and phones are PVC, TBBP-A, BFR, and phthalate free. Samsung’s new QLED TV is even cadmium-freeThe recently released S8 and S8+ are both environmentally friendly and were awarded the ECOLOGO Gold certificationSamsung’s Galaxy and Note line all have environmentally-friendly packaging and use 100% recycled paper in both its manual and packaging.Samsung also has a system in place to make sure that all of their products at some point will be recycled and turned into new products.Since 2008, Samsung has improved their energy efficiency by 65% and improved their “Eco-conscious product development” by over 90%.As shown in this image, Samsung also lowered the amount of “environmentally sensitive substances” in both their phones and TVs.Samsung also raised the number of recycled resources used in their products.Samsung has completely banned the use of minerals that are mined in an unethical manner in conflict regions.Samsung considers these human rights violations and does not want to support the armed groups that force people in this mining labor.Samsung provides guidelines to suppliers and raises awareness about conflict minerals through education and support.Samsung also conducts regular investigations into the use of conflict minerals throughout their supply chain.From 2008-2012, Samsung reduced their CO2 by over 45%.The reduction of all their products combined equaled 44 million tons of GHG emissions.Which as shown in this image would mean you would need to plant ¬†almost 53,000 kilometres squared of forest.This 45% also includes GHG emission reduction during the ¬† manufacturing process/factories.Samsung reported that out of all of their energy use, only 1 percent came from renewable energy sourcesSamsung product warranties range from 12 months to 10 years for parts and labor.Most Samsung devices are reliable and will work for years after purchase, so having a warranty is always a plus.All Samsung has to say on its distribution is “We make logistics greener with more fuel-efficient modes of transport and eco-friendly packaging.”So I guess that they use fuel-efficient vehicles, use smaller packaging to take up less space, and use recycled resources to package products. Samsung believes in a better future for the world, they also believe that a company should take back the products they’ve created because it is the company’s responsibility to recycle it safely.Samsung partnered with an e-waste recycler to dispose of “End of Life” products for recycling in an environmentally safe manner. They have microsites all around the world to make sure that people can safely recycle their obsolete or broken products.