Samsung vs Iphone Essay

As we all know, there are plenty of marketing wars out there today. In the Samsung commercial, Samsung makes fun of the iPhone. Samsung shows that when Apple comes out with a new iPhone every year, it is basically the exact same. It also shows that Apple markets that “it’s the next best thing,” yet it keeps the buyers always waiting for something more. One of the biggest wars out there today is between the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone. What is so great about purchasing the new iPhone every year?

Well, people get sucked in by Apple. Every year before the newest iPhone comes out, Apple will often market that the iPhone is “revolutionary” or it will “change the world”, when in reality; it is the exact same as last year’s. The iPhone has always had a way by putting out false advertisements that the phone will have many new features such as a bigger screen, faster 4G, headphone jack is changed, etc. Samsung states that with the new Galaxy they have always had those things before the iPhone 5.

In Samsung’s marketing campaign, it shows the consumer that you do not have to wait for something that is already out there with their product. In the commercial, it shows a long line of people waiting for the iPhone. In the lineup, it shows even older folks are using it. In previous years, Apple has a known reputation on how to keep people waiting. All of the lineups, the sellouts and having to wait weeks even months for more, the expectations of it and them being shot down, etc.

To keep people waiting for a long time and to shoot down people’s expectations, is not good marketing. Samsung reveals that waiting for the iPhone is a complete waste of time, and with their product, people will not have to wait for something more. All in all, Samsung’s marketing is clever as it promotes its product while at the same time putting down the competition. In the commercial they do not name that it is indeed the iPhone, but everyone knows in fact it is. Showing that Apple makes everyone wait and states it’s the next best thing, is brilliant on Samsung’s part.