Santa major cycling events like the Levi’s

Santa Rosa is the heart of commercial activity in northern
California. It is developed 55 miles away from San Francisco and features warm enjoyable
climate, golden hills and desirable real estate. The city offers dry and hot
summers and cool winters with occasional fog and rains, perfect to spend peaceful time with friends and family.

Santa Rosa is center of attractions for wine and beer hungry tourists
from all around the globe. The city offers metropolitan lifestyle experiences,
high-end shops, and restaurants. There
are many institutes of higher education
as well. The city specifically invites people interested in high-tech
manufacturing and wine.

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Interestingly, people in Santa Rosa are very health conscious
and the city has abundant gyms and outdoor parks. The bicyclists get trained in
the city for major cycling events like the Levi’s GranFondo and the Amgen Tour
of California. The stress-free lifestyle and access to the most modern medical
care entice most of the oldies.

Santa Rosa is exceptionally liberal socially. The residents
frequently enjoy art and music fests. As Santa Rosa has cultural diversity
thanks to multicultural communities of the city, they frequently celebrate
various cultural festivals as well. When you visit Santa Rosa, do not miss the
celebrations of Día de Los Muertos, a
holiday devoted to the reminiscence of ancestors. The celebration features artists,
performers, musicians, singers, bands, and

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