Sarah Kane Essay

Sarah Kane Sarah kane was and English play writer. (3 February 1971 – 20 February 1999). Her plays were based on themes of love, sexual desire, pain, torture – both physical and psychological – and death. Kane’s published work consists of five plays, one short film, Skin, and two newspaper articles for The Guardian. Life Kane was Born in Brentwood, Essex, and raised by evangelical parents, Kane was a committed Christian in adolescence. Later, however, she rejected those beliefs.

After attending Shenfield High School, she studied drama at Bristol University, graduating in 1992, and went on to take an MA course in playwriting at the University of Birmingham, led by the playwright David Edgar. Kane struggled with severe depression for many years and was twice voluntarily admitted to the Maudsley Hospital in London. However, she wrote consistently, if slowly, throughout her adult life. For a year she was writer-in-residence for Paines Plough, a theatre company promoting new writing, where she encouraged other writers.

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Before that, she had worked briefly as literary associate for the Bush Theatre, London. Kane died in 1999, when, two days after taking an overdose of prescription drugs, she committed suicide by hanging herself by her shoelaces in a bathroom at London’s King’s College Hospital. Kane originally wanted to be a poet, but decided that she was unable to convey her thoughts and feelings through poetry. 4:48 4:48 is Sarah kanes last play before she died.

It was first primiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London on June 23rd 2000. The play continued the style of her previous play entitled Crave as it had no explicit characters or stage directions. The title of the play derives from the time, 4:48 a. m. , when Kane, in her depressed state, often woke. The play’s main message is that of severe clinical depression, a disorder from which Kane suffered. She killed herself after writing the play, before its initial performance Contemplation and discussion of suicide is evident.