Satire Essay

Going back to the 1700’s when America was in the process of becoming America, smoking has always been present. Now in present day America, walking down the streets of any town, or road, you see and smell the awful and thick smell of tobacco smoke. 9 out of 10 times you are guaranteed to find an old cigarette on the ground. Attempts to better this issue have been made of course. Gruesome commercials tell the terrible consequences of smoking on the body, taxes have been raised on them, but people continue to smoke. But there still are the good citizens of this country who do not have this awful habit and are free from those horrific consequences of smoking right? Although considering the problem of second-hand smoking many of those “non-smokers” are still affected. I think it is agreed by society as a whole that this problem must be fixed at once. Here I will provide two intelligent solutions to this problem that I have come up with being only a innocent bystander.

Many restaurants throughout the country have adopted the Smoking and Non-smoking sides way to not discourage the smokers or non-smokers to eat there. This is to make both sides comfortable. Now looking more closely into this, the smokers who do smoke in the smoking side, are only but a few feet away from the non-smoking usually, making the non-smoking side not even matter. The non-smokers are consuming second-hand smoke no matter what. Now here is my first solution to this problem: Simply just make the non-smokers smoke. Listen, if you’re going to die from cancer by second-hand smoking anyways, why don’t you just smoke so you could at least get the pleasure out of it? This way no one will complain about second hand smoking because it wouldn’t even be an issue anymore if everybody just smoked, and everybody is happy.

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My next solution to eliminating the problem of second-hand smoking is much more practical. Just simply wipe out all the smokers. If we just kill all the smokers then the entire problem is gone! No more cigarette buds on the ground, no more smoking odor, and also no more second-hand smoking. Roughly about 23 percent of Americans are current smokers, so even if we wipe out those 23 percent we still have 77 percent left. 23 percent is a small number
when you take in how many more people would die because of second-hand smoking. After we cleanse America of all the smokers we also eliminate the demand for cigarettes which will eliminate the producing of tobacco. We will then be able to walk down our streets without fear of second-hand smoking or disgust with cigarette odor and waste. This will better our nation and hopefully influence other countries to be as practical as the United States.

Other solutions that have been said are raising both the price and tax even more on cigarettes, having a limit on how much one can buy in a month’s time, and providing electrical fake cigarettes that help with the addiction of tobacco. These solutions in comparison to my other two are weak. These will simply never work. The urge for a smoker to smoke is so great the raising of its price will not matter and limiting how much one can buy will simply only make others but for the smokers, also electrical cigarettes will never satisfy the want for tobacco so it would not work. Now that I have showed and explained the various solutions to this problem that America has, perhaps people will take action to fix it. Hopefully one day a solution will be made to stop second-hand smoking. In order for America to fix this problem, we all must take action first.