Saturday ClimbingCharlie and the Chocolate Factory Film Review Essay

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a movie which is directed by Tim Burton. It begins with a poor boy, who is called Charlie Bucket.

Yet he is the luckiest boy in the entire world and all the things are changed under the circumstances. The owner of the largest chocolate factory, Willy Wonka, launches the contest to find an heir, someone sincere, honest, and who he can trust to take over his business. In the movie, there is a contrast between Charlie and Willy Wonka. Charlie is a young boy who is the luckiest boy.Charlie lives in poverty with his mother, father, and four bedridden grandparents. Though they are extremely poor, they are not lacking in love.

Willy Wonka, the owner of the Wonka chocolate factory. He is a genius that he is the most renowned candy maker in the world. However he is a lonely individual due to the mention of “family”. He is looking for a properly obsequious child to whom he can teach all the secrets of his factory. There is a conflict when Charlie was invited to live with Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory but without bringing his family.To a certain extent, Willy Wonka cannot understand the importance of the family since his is lacking love in the family.

As he said “I have no family and I’m giant success. ” However, Charlie knows the values in life are not only chocolates and money, but family. So, Charlie rejected his invitation at that time. However, as the movie goes on, the value of the family is explicitly found in it. Family is the most important thing to everyone, unfortunately Willy Wonka does not want to brings up memories of his own childhood until he met Charlie in the chocolate factory.There is oppression by his father, so that Willy Wonka has not thought about his childhood for years.

Since Charlie always asks Willy Wonka about his childhood, by asking “being a kid? Childhood? ”. In flashbacks his father was a dentist, treated candy like poison and forced Willy Wonka to wear a torture chamber of a head brace. He said” Candy waste of time. No son of mine will going to be a chocolatier. ” So he refused Willy Wonka to eat any candies or chocolates. One day he tried to eat the candy, then ran away from home and eventually opened the largest chocolate factory in history.Therefore there is no doubt that Willy Wonka is so strange that he cannot utter the word “Parents. ” Even when he utters a word “Dad” or “Father”, his eyes filled with horror and sadness.

In fact, he is quite lonely because he lives an isolated life within the walls of his factory, protecting himself and his business by being a recluse. He has no regular workers in the factory, only Oompa Loompas. Besides, there is a struggle of Willy Wonka. For instance, “What makes you feel better when you feel terrible? ” asked Willy Wonka.

“My family. ” answer by Charlie.At first, Willy Wonka feels annoying with this answer. After Charlie explains to him that how they love you and they just want to protect you. It can interpret that Willy Wonka actually does not know how to face his father due to he ran away from home.

Yet their positions are now reversed, Willy Wonka acts like a child that he wants Charlie accompany him to visit his father, otherwise he will not go by himself. Hence, the appearance of Charlie is a turning point of the whole movie. Charlie is able to change the thoughts, behavior of Willy Wonka.During the contest, Charlie is trying to recall his memory. Through the flashbacks, we aware that Willy Wonka did not have a happy life in his childhood, so he never utters the word “Parents”. As Charlie become the winner of the contest finally, the grand prize is become an heir of the chocolate factory.

However, Charlie rejects this offer, since he cannot bring with his family. It portrays that when Willy Wonka visit Charlie’s family at the first time, he felt annoying with Charlie’s grandparents and also the grandparents entitled him as a “jerk”.Furthermore, as Charlie is able to convince Willy Wonka to visit his father, Willy Wonka found his father has followed his success throughout the years, also his father found that he does not have any decayed tooth in these years. They hug each other without saying anything. Moreover, Willy Wonka starts to accept Charlie’s family and have the dinner together with them. Although Willy Wonka said to the grandparents“ You smell like old people and soup, but I like it. ”, it shows that Willy Wonka is humorous and they hug together afterwards. To a certain extent, actually it can be a coincidence between Charlie and Willy Wonka.

If Willy Wonka does not find a white hair; if Charlie cannot find the gold ticket, then everything will not be happen. Willy Wonka may continue to live in his own imagination, surrounded by the Oompa-Loompas and Charlie may live in the wooden house forever. The most important thing is that Willy Wonka will not say “Life had have never been sweeter. ” at the end. To conclude, in Charlie and the chocolate factory, the theme “The value of the family” is changed from the development of the actions, through struggle, when Willy Wonka experiences changes in thoughts.