Saudi mortgage law and the potential impact it may have Essay

Fiscal markets


The Saudi Mortgage Law was formed as a reaction to the fiscal and economic crisis that was experienced during the twelvemonth 2007. These crises made the Bankss found in several states have capital of deficient quality. It was besides blamed on the hazard coverage that was limited to portion of the Bankss. The Bankss besides were criticized for holding built a sheet purchase with inordinate off and on- balance. Extra factor was the steady eroding of the quality and the degree of capital base. The steady eroding was experienced as buffers of deficient liquidness were held by Bankss. This made the Bankss non to be able to take on recognition losingss and the systematic trade consequences. This jurisprudence was hence set in topographic point so as to see Saudi derive economic and fiscal encouragement ( SAMA 98 ) .

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An overview of the Saudi Mortgage Law and the Potential Impact it may hold on the Saudi Economy and Saudi Banking System.

The Saudi Mortgage Law offers a criterion for the whole state of Saudi for issue of the mortgage. The procedure of the mortgage issue offered in the jurisprudence is compatible with the jurisprudence of Muslims. The jurisprudence provides sustainable ways of covering with the jobs that may originate. In the jurisprudence, there is an component of protection that is given to both the borrowers and loaners of the mortgage ( SAMA 111 ) .

The alterations that come in with this jurisprudence enable the population to acquire entree to the mortgage recognition. This would take to the addition in the supply of the mortgage, therefore fueling the belongings roar as the population gathers to take the loans. As per the investing scenario, this will better investing as there will be an addition in the demand of the penthouses. This will do the investors enjoy the investing ; therefore, compete in the development of constructions. The policy besides has the possibility of guaranting that there is increasing employment rate. This will be a asset to both the banking system and the economic system in its entirety of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( SAMA 108 ) .

A reappraisal of the function of the two chief GSEs in the USA mortgage market has played over the last two decennaries in USA.

Harmonizing to Acharya et al. , the two chief GSEs were nil but a bomb waiting for its clip to detonate. These two chief GSEs made the monetary values of lodging to increase each and every month as from “July 1995 to May 2006, therefore befoging the ever- increasing recognition risk…” ( 27 ) . The market of the MBS ( mortgage backed securities ) showed a good mark by taking off in 1980s. This gave a laterality of the market by Freddie and Fannie since they were supported by the authorities. Freddie and Fannie’s recognition hazard could be said to be moderately safe at that clip. It was characterized by, “… ( I ) low- to moderate-sized loans, ( two ) loan-to-value ratios less than 80 % , ( three ) high criterions for a borrower’s creditworthiness, and ( four ) income certification of the borrower’s ability to do involvement payments on the loans” ( 29 )

The GSEs led to a concern in relation to the hazards that were associated with the involvement rates. The two GSEs held with them ‘hundreds of one million millions of dollars’ as fixed rate that was long term in nature. This made the money non to rhythm in the economic system, therefore doing the economic system to smother as per these portfolios. The mortgages at a larger extent were funded by with short adulthood debts. The GSEs claimed that they had engaged in involvement options and barters to extinguish the hazard associated with involvement rates. This was groundless since there was no grounds of these derivative minutess ( Acharya et al. 31 ) . The GSEs ended up losing due to the vintages that they associated themselves with for endurance ; it was a misreckoning.

This was followed by the prostration of the MSEs as there was competition in the market that led to the decrease of the criterions. This is a alone scenario of competition since competition is expected to better the criterions. Sine this was a authorities sponsored endeavor and the same clip fiscal establishment, the debts made it battle. The decrease in the demand as clip went by made it difficult for it to defy the ‘Race to the bottom’ . This was the worst fiscal crisis of the lodging roar with the losingss experienced being beyond recovery ( Acharya et al. 33 ) .

The terminal consequence of all this was a fiscal crisis that is compared to the Great Depression phenomenon. States like New York, Los Angeles and Boston faced modest house diminution in the old ages between 1990- 1995. Since this incident, there has been unmanageable rise up in the monetary value of houses. “….Case-Shiller 10-city index about tripled from 77 in June 1996 to a high of 226 in June 2006 — an addition of 11.3 % per year” ( Acharya et al. 35 ) . Some of the markets in Nevada, Arizona, Forida and California faced a higher addition in house monetary value. This period was besides characterized high addition in the income and wealth inequality. The wake of commanding the life cost addition makes the in-between category to fight as their income barely increased. This is because the monetary values of the house rose faster compared to the average income. The monetary values of the national houses besides faced a steady addition: “by 31-43 % from 2000 to the center of 2006, depending on the informations source” ( Acharya et al. 35 ) .

An lineation of the importance of making a liquid secondary mortgage market in an economic system

A liquid secondary mortgage market is a market that gives the Bankss a go in front in selling mortgages to investors. These mortgages selling can be made to include the insurance companies, pension financess and the federal authorities. Harmonizing to Fabozzi and Andrew ( 13 ) , the importance of this is that:

  1. The associated proceed enables the Bankss to hold extra financess to offer for more mortgages
  2. It makes the money that is tied up in footings of loan non to impact the market.
  3. It makes it easier for place purchasers to happen loaners easy since the money is available.
  4. It promotes investing on the fact that the hard currency is accessible.
  5. The competition among the loaners makes the rates to be lower compared to when there is no competition ; and,
  6. The mortgages are secured therefore cut downing the losingss or hazards that might be associated with it.

Harmonizing to Ramesh modern economic system can make better if there are good developed money markets ( 39 ) . Money markets promote fiscal trade, funding industry, investings that are profitable, makes the commercial bank self sufficient and besides helps the cardinal bank. These points are elaborated below:

The money markets play an of import function when it comes to internal and international trade funding. Bills of exchange make the commercial finance to be more available to bargainers. The money markets promote the industries’ growing in two ways. It besides enables the industries to procure short term loans for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities ; it besides enables them to procure long term loans for investings. The money markets give the commercial Bankss a opportunity to do an investing of the extra militias. These investings are usually made in a close liquid nature therefore can be taken back whenever needed. It besides makes the commercial banks’ self sufficient in the state of affairss like exigency since they have their ain hard currency. The money market makes the operation of the cardinal bank to be more effectual and efficient ( Ramesh 41 ) .

Recommendation to the KSA Mortgage Market Structure

The KSA act of go throughing the mortgage jurisprudence is a asset for the improvement of the KSA economic system. The job is that in most cases the Torahs are usually good but the execution of the legal model becomes a job. The KSA authorities hence should out in topographic point steps that see to it that the relevant establishments are in topographic point. The establishments should besides be effectual plenty to guarantee efficiency and effectivity of the jurisprudence ( SAMA 53 ) .

The policies should besides travel through some amendments or alterations so as to see that it accommodates the appropriate construction. The policies should back up and advance competition in the mortgage market. The Torahs besides should force the companies that are relevant to run in a more efficient mode. The KSA should therefore minimize or extinguish the entrenched bureaucratisms so as to guarantee handiness of these financess. The KSA authorities in the publicity of workers’ public assistance should see to it that there is remotion in the judicial systems that are conservative. Political force per unit areas besides should be put in topographic point to guarantee that the public assistance of workers is upheld ( SAMA 36 ) .


This study is a critical cheque on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) mortgage jurisprudence of 2012. The study starts by presenting the Saudi Mortgage Law so goes to foregrounding of the major points in the jurisprudence. The study besides gives the reappraisal of the GSEs in USA in the past two decennaries. This is in mention to the chief GSEs and their impacts to the USA economic system. The study besides tackles on the importance of liquid secondary mortgage in the economic system. The study ends by giving the recommendation that the KSA should set in topographic point to guarantee economic and fiscal success as per the mortgage jurisprudence.

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