School Uniforms Essay

A school uniform consists of a limited range of clothing, including footwear and headwear. It identifies students as belonging to a particular school. Schools usually expect students to wear the uniform during school hours, while traveling to and from school, and when engaged in school activities out of school hours. One of the chief benefits of school uniforms, say proponents, is that they make schools safer.

Uniforms are said to reduce gang influence, minimize violence by reducing some sources of conflict, and help to identify trespassers.Parents benefit because they are no longer pressured to buy the latest fashions, and they spend less on their children’s clothing. Having a uniform stops gang members from displaying their colours and garb. The schools also believe it helps stop violence and helps instill a sense of pride in the students. It also helps to break down the barriers between different socioeconomic groups.

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I feel we should keep to the uniform. It sets an example of the school. t is representation the community.

It is easy to point out different people. Also there would be more fights/bully due to the lack of ‘fashion’. I think that there are many pros and cons to having schooo uniforms. I, myself, think that we should have school uniforms. Some people say that you can’t express yourself, but there are many other ways to express yourself other than your clothing.

i also think that if you have a uniform you are judged on personality instead of clothing which i believe is improtant.There would be less bullying because you are all egual. it makes the school appear more proper and it basically forces students to look deeper than on appearance therefore causing most cliques to disappear. he world today is based on looks, whether you going for an interview or simply to the store, you’re being judge. wearing uniforms could possible start a revolution. Students should wear school uniforms because it will cause less people to get made fun of.

.. And you don’t have to wake up in the morning and go through your clothes trying to pick a outfit that people will judge you by…

It’s a great idea to have uniforms School dress code When schools adopt a dress code it restricts individual freedom of expression, however, dress codes often improve the learning environment.School dress codes take away the style and character on an individual, how students present and express themselves to one another, nevertheless, school is supposed to be a learning facility where students go to get their education, not a fashion contest. Dress codes habitually create a safer environment for the students by taking attention away from designer clothing and jewelry that students may wear; also students sometimes tend to engage in gang violence and most of the time it’s because a student dislikes or discriminates on what another is wearing.If schools had dress codes, gang violence and, robbery, or theft would lease likely occur because everyone will be equal in some way, which makes it easy for students to learn in a more comfortable manner.

Yes, dress codes may violate the first amendment; however, it is a proficient beneficial training that will help students become familiar with being in more professional conditions.In today’s society most require that employees wear the proper attire for the occasion, for example, if an employee work at Burger King, that employee is obligated to wear a Burger King uniform on the job, otherwise he/she will not have the job because the requirements weren’t met; hence, dress codes will prepare students to feel relaxed under that type of circumstance. School dress codes will not only improve the learning environment for students, but will also keep them safe, and get them ready to fulfill professional positions.