School Uniforms Essay

Many students feel that with uniforms they will not be recognized as individuals. Students often feel that their wardrobes define who they are as people. Even though school uniforms do take away a person’s right to show his or her individuality through clothing, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages in this case. Students would probably be more accepting of the idea of school uniforms if a more casual style of uniform were adopted than a formal traditional style (Kelly). One of the many advantages would be a more stress-free school week for dents.

For example, students are usually worried about what they will wear the next day. On average, a student usually spends any. Veer from thirty minutes to an hour trying to find something to wear the next day. In this amount of time, the student could have spent thirty minutes studying or gone to bed that much earlier. In addition to saving time, there would be less of an acceptance problem between peers because name brands and styles would no longer matter. School uniforms would also provide for better student/teacher relationships.

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With uniforms, all students would be recognized as equals. Therefore, both teachers and students would get the respect they deserve. With uniforms, there would be less of a division between peers, and cliques would not be as obvious in the student body. With these things in mind, it is probable that discipline problems would drastically decrease (School Uniforms). As an added advantage, teachers would be able to focus on the more important things than a student’s dress code violations (Kelly). Lastly, students would no longer focus on each other’s wardrobes.

Most of he time, students worry about everyone but themselves. Oftentimes this results in the less fortunate or more outrageous students being ridiculed. All of this goes back to the student being accepted. As previously stated, all students would be recognized as equals. Students would be more likely to be judged on their accomplishments before anything else, especially style and appearance, could come into play. This would allow students to focus solely on their educations (School Uniforms). In conclusion, schools with uniforms seem to excel academically.