School Essay

Would you want to be a teacher if you had to deal with constant behavior problems, little input on your curriculum on top of managing your personal life e? With teacher retention becoming an issue, it brings attention to the statistic that h Alfa of the 250,000 new teachers leave within their first five years Of teaching.

This sessile can be traced to many sources, including disciplinary problems, curriculum mishaps along with personal issues and decisions. As a student, I see, disciplinary problems as a big factor for new teachers leaving the field.As years pass, students lose respect for teachers seeking thee r own way. More times than not, teachers lose control of their students, then are u enable to regain the control . Teachers try several methods, often failing and losing hop e.

After talking to a few teachers to get their perspective most came to the conclusion that the fault in the schools systems is that discipline is not carried out consistently car joss the board. One teacher states, “Its hard to teach your class with constant interrupt ions, lack of participations and cooperation, and several other issues that should be take en care of UT aren’t.You do as much as you can, but when its not carried out by others I TTS pointless. ” Teachers as a whole agree that their hands are behind their backs.

“There is not much we can do or even threaten to do, and the recurring problem is the chi lilied know this. ” Some teachers brought up the fact that the statements they give a bout the students are belittled and questioned by administration. “The blame of unruly y children is placed on the teacher who can not resume control. ” Another teacher adds ‘ The best interest of a class as a whole is less important than handling the individual pr bless holding back the whole class.

Other teachers say that they have several disagreements with the curriculum, they feel as if they are teaching to a test, not for the success of their students. “l don’t think I should use my teaching skills to teach our upcoming generation on ho w to answer a test question correctly or how to fit into the standard the state Provo ides us with. As a teacher I want my students to use these things throughout life to b successful and have the skills necessary to be an adult.

” Teachers are given approximately 8 months to get through standardized tests.We spend so um chi time preparing for the state mandated test we don’t have time to teach. Through UT the school year with district exams, semester exams, standardized exam along WI the curriculum exams we are simply focused on getting through the next test, not teaching useful material or even material that will be retained due to the rush. ” Some possible things that could be done to resolve this issue is having a disciplinary system set across American Public Schools as a whole, a system t hat is to be followed out Nation wide. This would leave no gaps in punishments and w old be fair.

A possible resolution to accommodate to the CUrriCUlUm is to spread it an Zion wide instead of state by state. Within the curriculum should be things necessary to be an adult along with a set amount of assessments. If this trend and retention continues the interest of being a teacher will decree ease, along with the knowledge from generation to generation. It is important to ad dress these issues now because you can never go back, the trend will continue.

The bad part of teacher retention is that education is losing qualified, highly educated,