Science Current Event Essay

Summary- The Statistics from the University of Valencia(UV) states that bullying from a cellular device affects teenagers. The preponderance of the cases seems to tell that the abuse of cyber bullying lasts for a month or less. When bullying last more than three months it is most likely the form of using a cellular device. It is most common for students/children to get bullied their first years at school by phones and the internet. The statistics from(UV) show that girls suffer more bullying than boys. Most common of bullying is verbal bullying, invasion of privacy, spreading rumors, and social exclusion.

Essay- I chose this article because it had to do with bullying and I don’t respect bullying because its immature and if someone is getting bullied or ganged up on I will step in because that’s the kind of person I am. This article did expand my knowledge because before I didn’t know percents of people who got bullied and either went into a depression, or committed suicide, or just couldn’t take it anymore and went crazy. There is one thing that caught my eye and seem very interesting is when it said girls got bullied more then boys, I would think it would be the other way around because boys are more aggressive and violent then girls.

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They try to play around more then girls do but that’s just my opinion. Me personally knew plenty about bullying considering that I have been learning about it for the past couple of years. For example I know that two of the main reasons people are bullied are because of appearance and social status. Bullies pick on the people they think don’t fit in, maybe because of how they look, how they act (for example, kids who are shy and withdrawn), their race or religion, or because the bullies think their target may be gay or lesbian.

A solution is maybe to inform kids earlier about bullying and the reasons not to do it give them all the negatives and what would happen if they did do it because the consequences could scare the children and they wouldn’t want to do it. Or have kids tell an adult right away when they are feeling like they are being bullied because that can stop the situation before the situation increased to a different conclusion of what happens for example, a fight or going into depression.