Science Reflection Essay

My group consists of Sheaf, Redden, Brenda and myself. Throughout the whole egg-drop project, we did not have much trouble cooperating with each other.

At first, we were a little awkward with each other as usually we do not communicate in class but soon the members and I opened up and started discussing and giving ideas and suggestions as to what contraption we were going to make. Although everyone had ideas which were different from each other, we managed to settle on one idea without much conflict.Also, my roof members did not complain when we had to give up some of our recess time to carry out experiments for the project so think that overall, my group did pretty well in working with each other. When my group carried out the experiment on the day, we succeeded and proved our hypothesis correct. I think that one Of the reasons that our group succeeded was that we work well together.

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But based on scientific principles, I think that as compared to other groups which also used a parachute in the project, the surface area of our parachute of our parachute was the largest.Also, instead of normal plastic bags used by other groups (Practice, Breadbasket, Giant etc. ), we used trashcans as the material trashcans are made of a thinner material and do not weigh as much as compared to a normal plastic bag. Another reason that think our group succeeded in our experiment is that unlike other groups, we cut the trash bag into a large piece of plastic before attaching the strings to each corner. While, other groups did not cut the plastic bags into a piece of plastic but instead, used the plastic bag in the form it is originally.