Science vs Art Essay

Science and art rarely come hand in hand, therefore when viewing literature you chose one side of the spectrum. Viewing literature as a form of art, as opposed to scientifically allows the reader to go deeper into the meaning of the text. Science is said to be facts which allow no room for interpretation. However, viewing literature as a form of art allows the reader to decide what they think the text is about. Art is looked at closely and broken apart, to get everything out of it that you can.

So, by dissecting forms of literature you will learn more then reading only the words.It is difficult to make personal connections with scientific literature, so if the tables are turned and you’re looking at the same text as a form of art it may be easier to make those personal connections. When looking at a piece of text scientifically, you can only read the words.

However, reading it as a form of art allows the reader to interpret it in their own way. The definition of science is as follows “a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws. This is stating that science is facts, which leads nothing to the imagination, and no spaces to be filled in.The definition of art is as follows “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. ” This is clearly stating there is more than one option for things. “The man ate a red apple as he looked out the window” Looking at this scientifically, there are only 12 words, but as a form of art; why is he eating a red apple? Why is he just staring out the window? Maybe red signifies anger and he is really looking angrily out the window.

You learn more and get more out of text if you can interpret it in your own way. A form of art is usually broken apart and/or looked at closely, which usually involves knowing; when it was written, by whom, why etc. In turn, you will get more knowledge, and see a deeper meaning, then just reading it and taking it as it is. To truly understand a piece of text it helps to know these things stated above. If you read a story about what clearly seems to be about one thing and you learn about when it was written, you may come to realise it is about something totally different.If two people read the same piece of literature, one viewing it was a form of art and one viewing it as a form of science and compared their knowledge on the subject, the outcome would be clear. Viewing a piece of text as a form of art and breaking it apart, dissecting it line for line may seem like more work.

But in the end you know not only the words on the page but you may know, when it was written, why, for who, and what the true meaning is. Viewing literature as a form of art allows the reader to connect easier with the text, and comparing it with their own lives.If you were a parent reading a piece of text on parenting that was written in a science text book, you are reading it scientifically and you will only learn from it. But if you read it as an opinion letter in a newspaper, you are more likely to read it as a form of art. Reading it this way will not only allow you to learn from it, but it will allow you to say “I know what they mean,” or “That happened to me also.

” Being able to connect with a form of literature makes the text a lot easier to read. When you can see yourself in what you are reading you are more likely to pay more attention and take more out of what it is you are reading.This is very understandable because reading something that has nothing to do with you in a scientific light will not appeal to you in any way. Whereas reading something that has nothing to with you in an artistic light may cause you to stretch and try hard to find things that are similar, or can be connected to your life even if it is harder. As stated above, viewing literature scientifically is reading only what’s on the page.

By doing so, you are less likely to misinterpret or misunderstand the meaning of the text.Hopefully leading you to take out of the text exactly what the author intended. It is easy to see both sides of this particular argument because depending on what type of person you are you may find one way easier than the other. You will also get knowledge out of viewing literature in a scientific light but maybe just not as much as you would as if it were a form of art. In literature, science and art are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Viewing literature as a form of art allows the reader to understand the text on a different level.Viewing literature as a form of science allows you to only read the words that are written on the paper, whereas a form of art makes it easier for the reader to interpret the piece of work and decide for themselves what they think it means. A typical piece of art is broken down into many components and looked at closer as to learn more about the text. You will often ask who wrote it, when, why and for whom? In turn you accumulate more knowledge this way. Lastly, viewing literature as a form of art makes it easier to connect to the reader’s personal life and experiences.