Scientific may require minor revision or need more

Scientific literature comprises of research which is
carried out by the scholars, philosophers around the world by publish their work,
so they can communicate and share work with their other counterparts and can
discuss what further progress can be done. Research literature is the study
which is available in printed form and in certain fields it is in non-printed

There are different types of scientific literature exist
but we discuss about difference between primary and secondary literature.

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literature consist of original research which is carried out by researchers in
their respective fields. It is either done individually or done with the
collaboration by a group of scientists or researchers. It is written and reviewed
by experts. This type of literature may published in articles/research papers
form, but some researches published in form of dissertation/thesis, Manuscript
(book form of thesis), Patents
(grant of protection of an invention) etc. This can also be published in a ‘peer-reviewed’ scientific journal,
generally known as ‘papers’. These
type of papers must consist of abstract, titles, materials and methods, results
discussion and references. These papers then reviewed by number of ‘experts’ in that particular field in
which research is written. Their opinions matters the most. They can also give
further new scientific information which will be very helpful. They also
discuss the merits of this research and identify if there is any deficiencies
in it. With the help of their expert opinion the editor published the research
or it goes back to author for further review. It may require minor revision or
need more thorough research in particular field. This is the reviewing process
which is called ‘peer review’.

One can also consider the fact that they can present
their research in front of the audience and obtain valuable feedbacks from
them. These kinds of papers presented in conference and then it goes for
publishing called ‘conference

paper’ is also the integral part of primary literature its basic
function is to collect raw data and then further analyze it to get some
results. It discuss all the methods and result of an original study. It
contains brief introduction, method section, results section, discussion
section and provide list of references that are used to conduct this research.

These kind of researches can also be featured in
magazines which are basically used and known for new scientific discoveries.
These are known as ‘magazine papers’.
Many experts and new researchers share their ideas in these magazines and give
frequent updates about the change and new findings about the relevant topic.

Researchers often conduct ‘interviews’ in form of ‘recording
videos’ to use it as a matter of subject. The main objective for
interviewing is to collect particular and relevant information for the purpose
of research.

communication’ is shorter in length than an original research article. It consist of no more than 5
pages and can be used to immediately share the findings with the other members
of the community. It is also very sufficient if someone has kind of a
breakthrough in research.

has many several other characteristics, for one they have materials and methods
section and must have proper result section. Their research is very specific
and result oriented, they also use tables, diagrams and graphs to understand
their research easily. References must be included to provide further
assistance. Discussion section inclusion is of essence which helps the author
to identify his mistakes and can collaborate with much expert researchers which
provide more valuable feedback to author that helps him to carry out his
research more thoroughly.

Scientific literature basically act like a medium that
can easily communicate the results of scientific research, it contains the
record of the collective achievement done and authorized by scientific

is basically part of research which includes textbooks, review articles,
magazines, newspaper, newsletter and manuals.

‘Textbooks’ are
basic necessity to start the research. You will need all the facts and figures
and all the basic information you need to carry out your research. Textbooks
are main source of gathering raw data which then used for further analysis.

Sometimes it become hard for some people to understand
the purpose of the research or what is author trying to communicate so in order
to fill this gap ‘review article’
becomes very helpful, it basically gives you the general idea to understand the
current problem of a topic. It is very helpful to analyze and understand
previous published studies. Sometimes it is also known as survey articles.

‘Newspapers’ are
also used for searching new ideas, brief articles that provide daily updates on
current event and interests. On other hand ‘newsletter’ regularly publishes collection of articles which has
been subscribed by people to get updates about the new ideas and innovation.

Nowadays ‘Internet’
is the main source of gathering
information, search about new ideas and what are the changes that are occurring
in the field of science. Internet provides all sorts of information, some
information are very useful but some are completely useless and don’t have any
authentication. For new researchers this is the great platform that you can
access all type of information on a single click. Find out about the new
articles and can gain access about everything. You can upload your ideas to
authenticated scientific forum from your home and can discuss and share your
problems with the expert panels.