Personal statement

The increasing importance of Informational technology has rapidly grown over time and is now the center point of every working environment and a fundamental component of practically every facet of our lives, whether it is the smartphone which keeps us up-to-date and connecting us with friends or family around the world or a laptop allowing you to access the information of the world in just a couple clicks. Furthermore, from young, I have always been fascinated by businesses and how they function. I was a young boy with the mind of a businessman, always ready to help family members count money or go to the shops with my uncle to buy goods for his local grocery store. Information Technology and Business are both subjects that I am greatly passionate about which is shown through the awards I have received in GCSE level and AS level for Information Technology. Studying information technology has increased my interest, not only of the impact ICT has on an everyday person’s life, but also the impact ICT can have in the business world.  I may not have chosen Business as a subject to study in the past years however my desire and strive to peruse this field of work has been undying.  My sheer belief is that by combining both these courses it will allow me to stay enlightened and motivated throughout my university degree.

Through studying business and information technology at the university, I aspire to increase the knowledge and skills I have attained from previous education, which would not only strengthen my interest in this field of work but also thrust my desire to pursue a career in IT and business.My motive for picking a course in both subjects is quite simple, both business and Informational technology influence every one of us on our regular day to day lives. Though these subjects are deemed quite demanding, my interest and passion in these subjects enlighten me to strive for a degree that will enable me to acquire a career in the field of work where my heart lies.

On a lighter note, I lead an active and eventful life within the school and outside. Within school, I undertook a role of the ‘meet and greet’ team in school, where I had to leave in between lessons to converse and deal with new teachers every day, taking them on tours around the school and answering any questions they had. By carrying out this role, it allowed me to boost my confidence whilst speaking to new individuals and my method of communicating. Furthermore, it allowed me to be part of a team which was chosen to represent the school, but also to be a role model for all the younger students in the school giving me a great amount of responsibility.

As well as schoolwork, I partake in many extracurricular activities such as consistently engaging in fitness training to keep a fit and balanced diet. During summer last year, I attended a once-in-a-lifetime experience; NCS (National Citizen Service). Through this, I was able to gain new skills such as understanding and connecting with other individuals but also, develop my confidence and the skills and qualities that I already possessed. The NCS programme gave me the opportunity to take part in many outdoor team activities and adventures, where I boosted my team working skills and team leadership skills. NCS also gave me the chance to carry out a social action project, where my fellow group members and I were given a task to create a campaign and pitch for the funding so that could then be carried out.  Our task was to set up a stall in the heart of Westfield shopping center and promote our campaign which was to raise money for our chosen charity.

An information technology and business and based degree is exceptionally diverse and can initiate many opportunities; I see myself as a passionate and capable individual who will wholeheartedly grasp for this challenging degree with both hands to further increase my academic potential, become an asset to your university and help me to fulfill my ambition.