Search The internet has played a major role

Search engine marketing has influenced people’s buying habits, behavior, and lifestyle. It has changed the way companies and businesses interact with their customers and how they communicate on a daily basis. As such, it’s important to create a strategic plan that will increase brand awareness so you can generate the leads that will set your company up for success.  If you own a website, then search engine optimization is a great strategy for you to implement in order to grow your visibility organically on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Combining this with an effective web design process can boost your online presence so you can attract the right target audience.   Value of SEO  When entering search queries on Google, web pages are generated in seconds based on their ranking. But how did the pages on top of your search results get there? It’s because they were search engine optimized with relevant keywords, valuable content, and quality links pointing to their site.  The internet has played a major role in the way consumers seek their information online. That’s why it’s important to make sure your web page appears in the exact moment a consumer is searching for your product or service. There are many reasons why SEO is beneficial for your business but the most important include:    Organic Traffic Without Spending Money  AdWords advertisers spend thousands of dollars trying to outbid their competitors for the sole purpose of getting more clicks and visitors to their site. Businesses that choose Google ads run out of money quickly since they have to pay a fee every time a visitor lands on their page. If you are a small business and don’t have the budget, then no problem. You can get the same result by getting organic traffic instead without having to pay anything out of your pocket.  Why? Because people are already searching for the problem you can solve which means you don’t have to invest in advertisements to get people interested in what you have to offer. All you have to do is make sure people can find you on the web with the proper strategy. This will allow you to save money so you can focus your attention on other areas of your business.    Build More Credibility and Trust  The majority of users that surf the web tend to skip paid advertisements.  SEO traffic on the other hand has been proven to pull in more visitors to your site since they have trust in Google’s algorithm.  This means you will have a greater advantage in gaining more traffic than the advertisers targeting the same keywords. The more value you bring to users then the more familiar they will become with your brand as they are exposed to it on the internet. You will soon build a large enough audience that will send signals to Google letting them know you are a trustworthy site worth ranking on the top page of their search engine.  Better Long-Term Value  Even though it can take months to build your online presence, investing in organic SEO can deliver substantial traffic in the long run. As you move higher up on Google’s search results, the more popular you will become and the less work you will have to do to maintain your position. All you have to do is make sure the content on your website is constantly updated and optimized with high quality keywords. Essentially your business is constantly being promoted which means you will attract more visitors than your competitors.   How Does Web Design Attribute to SEO Ranking?   Google not only measures the relevancy of your keywords and content but it also tracks the user activity and engagement on your web pages. Having a search engine friendly site that has an aesthetic web design is crucial for your success on the internet. First impressions matter online just as much as they do offline. The first thing a user does when they visit a site is to determine whether or not they trust the brand based on its appearance. If you make it hard for the user to navigate and find what they want then there’s a high chance they will not return to your site ever again.   When it comes to your ranking everything is taken into consideration including: Page loading time and speed Usability across multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) Time spent on your website Videos played and watched Failing to deliver an optimized website with a great user experience can lead to high bounce rates and low conversions. This will send a red flag to Google letting them know you aren’t being user friendly. You might want to consider hiring a website builder or web designer if you notice a significant decrease in your position on the search results page. The key is to remember that a responsive website design will lead to higher rankings, more traffic, and revenue to your business.   Are You Looking for a Professional Web Design and SEO Freelancer in Merced, CA?   The success of your website depends on the quality of your website and the visitors that find you. Get in touch with me today in order to get started on your business projects.