Section 8

Section 8 is a more successful solution to solving homelessness in San Jose.  Section 8 helps people get homes and can help crimes in the city.  First of all, the section 8 program can support homeless people by finding cheap homes.  According to Los Angeles Times, ”Those with mental illnesses, substance abuse problems or physical disabilities, and sometimes two or more of those problems.”   Section 8 will help people who are not as fortunate as others.  The Section 8 program can support people by lowering the amount of the home depending on how much they make.  According to Affordable Housing online, “So, if your monthly income is $1,850, you would pay $555 toward the rent ($1,850 X 30%).

 If the total rent for the apartment is $850 the assistant pays $295 to the landlord on your behalf.”  According to Eligibility, “Giving families the freedom to move to better, safer neighborhoods has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of the family. This type of move have been show to, among other things, reduce asthma attacks, lessen the occurrence of accidents and minimize behavior problems in children.

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” First of all, Section 8 will lower the cost of home/rent significantly.  Section 8 is a very good solution to solving homelessness in San Jose.  While it is true Section 8 is better for homeless at getting homes, some research proves that affordable housing low-income families have homes.  Affordable housing is more for low income while Section 8 targets homeless people more than wealthy people.  The important thing to remember is that homeless problems is a big thing around the world and needs to be solved.  Although affordable housing is really good to low-income Section 8 is more effective for problems.  On the other hand, Someone might argue that affordable housing can help in homeless people by providing them with cheap homes.  After people got evicted from the jungle some projects (Affordable Housing).

 Came and took some people off the streets and provided people with affordable housing like “Quetzal Gardens.” Also, some good projects like Affordable Housing stepped up and helped those people had nowhere to stay.  Briefly, Affordable Housing really proved that they cared about the people in need , and helped them.  Looking at the high numbers of homeless people in San Jose.  Currently, homelessness is at an all-time high, getting worse by the year.  While researching 15-24-year-old people are more vulnerable than any other person at becoming homeless.  If we don’t stop people from being homeless, the population of homeless people will increase by a ton.

 A kid in San Jose lives in an RV, rent near him is over $6,000 a month.  Hot in the summer, cold in the winter.  They also said it’s small and very crowded.  Since the loss of homes is so vital due to the rise of rent in San Jose, we need to support them and encourage them to persevere.  Unquestionable, homelessness is a very dangerous way to lose homes.  According to Eligibility, “The Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher program, which subsidizes rent for low-income families, is no different. When do you think about someone who’d be part of this program, what words come to mind? Depending on your race, gender, and background, many things may be dancing in your head.

Before drawing conclusions, let’s look at some other characteristics of the Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher program and the people it serves.”