Section C Essay

Section C (Edexcel IGCSE in English Language A) May 2010 Imagine that your school or college has been awarded a large sum of money to spend on improving facilities, and on increasing opportunities, for students. Write the text of a speech you might give to the Student Council, outlining your ideas on how the money should be spent. November 2009 “Schools are stuck in the past. They don’t adequately prepare young people for real life in the modern world. ” Write about what you think schools should provide in order to prepare young people for adult life in the 21st century.

May 2009 “Each generation thinks that they have made progress and that their life is better than the way people lived in the past. ” Explain what you like or dislike about your life and whether you think things will get better or worse in the future. November 2008 Some people place importance on personal happiness, while others value worldly success more highly. Write about what you would like to achieve in your own life. May 2008 Describe a special skill or talent that you would like to have and how it would affect your life.

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November 2007 “Young people are in too much of a rush to grow up; they don’t realise the value of childhood until it is gone. ” Explain what you are looking forward to as you get older and what you miss about no longer being a child. May 2007 Write about a place that evokes strong feelings in you, describing it in such a way that others can picture the place and understand your feelings about it. November 2006 Teachers and parents often accuse children of watching too much television.

Write a speech to be given to an audience of adults, explaining why television is so important and appealing to so many young people. November 2005 Your school or college is planning to produce a booklet about pastimes and hobbies, for students and parents to read. You have been asked to write an entry for this booklet. Write your contribution which should include details of your pastime or hobby, explaining why it interests you. May 2005 ‘I remember the first day I went to school as if it were yesterday. ’ Describe your first day at school in a way that will help others to understand your experiences.