About Privacy and Security Essay

Act was enacted Into law back in 1 996, it brought with it a significant change to communications with patients, family and other healthcare workers.

Every healthcare worker knows the significance and importance of protecting privacy with health care information. For an effective healthcare delivery, trust between patient and nurse/physicals has to be developed.Trust stems from (among many underlying principle) giving that sense of retention and privacy with the Information that the patient shares with us nurses and doctors. Privacy in itself means different things to different people. Protection of privacy especially in healthcare setting promotes Industrialization and provides a holistic approach because It allows each patient to feel valued, respected and gives them a sense of control and the ability to make personal decision about their health even If sometimes that decision Is against the norm.Providing security and privacy In a healthcare setting also allows patient to keep aspects of their lives hidden and free from judgments or discriminations from family, employers and even insurance companies. Since medical records contain some of the most intimate details about a person’s life such as physical and mental health as well as social behaviors, personal relationship and financial status, patients are always concern about protecting such information.

There’s certainly positive impacts of having implementation for securing health information at work, each patient is given a written document explaining their rights and privacy and they are supposed to sign this document. This allows them to know that their information will be handled in a confidential manner, I know for Yale here’s an added bonus that if you are an employee and suddenly became a patient, the hospital has added measures such as “breaking the glass” to protect their employees for any colleagues being able to access their information.Another positive impact that helps nurses is that there’s a certain protection for us nurses when were communicating with family members or other relatives. I’m sure it has happened to us in more than one occasion when a family member starts demanding for information about the patient without the proper legal right to do so. The downside forever to having this security and privacy as Kristin and Matthew mention In their post Is that sometimes critical information that we need in order to take care of a patient sometimes may take longer to access because of the process.But again this are not really quite negative aspect more Like a bump In the road and essentially It really just protects the patients privacy rights. Sometimes without Intentionally doing It, we become a threat to protecting our patient’s privacy and confidentiality, by falling to do simple things such as logging out In our computer or leaving our report whet In places where anyone can Just pick It up and read Information.

Technology nowadays help ease this long process of aqualung pertinent Information as well as making It more available for patients to have access to their health information to see if information is accurately documented, such as McCarthy. This types of initiatives helps both patients and healthcare worker have health information readily available.