Security And Scalability Advantages And Disadvantages Computer Science Essay

Constructing systems to be reliable is a large issue in today ‘s universe of IT, with maliciousness hackers, mistakes and bad luck it becomes progressively of import to construct reliable systems that are unafraid and can accommodate. One of the restraints of this undertaking is to utilize Access 2007 to construct an order system the ground for this is that Booths already use Office 2007 and as such constructing a system utilizing Access will incur no costs for the company. Therefore research has been carried out to look at the advantages and disadvantages of Access and discuss scalability every bit good as how to make a more unafraid database.

As a starting point after carry oning research detailed below are the advantages and disadvantages

Entree: Advantages and Disadvantages:


It is possible to construct an application rapidly in Access by utilizing Access Wizards to make signifiers, questions etc but an application can be farther tweaked utilizing macros and VBA coding to make more sophisticated package. Ease of usage and utile tools create a RAD ( rapid application development ) environment.

Access has a widely known interface and bill of fare

Entree can be integrated with other Microsoft merchandises, intending that informations can be imported from excel and word and exported in the same manner.

Access supports industry criterions, i.e. relational database: standardization, individuality keys, articulations and brotherhoods etc.

Entree can easy work over a web.

Tonss of support is available for entree including an integrated aid system.

Using ODBC drivers, entree can pass on with most of the major big-system databases

Entree can comparatively easy be migrated to Microsoft SQL waiter.


Access has a size bound of around 2GB and if you exceed that limit the database will prehend. However as stated above you can port the back-end informations to MS SQL Server.

Although entree can work over a web it can merely back up a little figure of users.

Integrating security within entree can be a small slippery and can be limited, if you want good security its best to code your ain, nevertheless this requires proficient ability.

Normally in an administration each transcript of Access has to hold its ain single license which can be dearly-won.

Using artworks within entree can be cumbrous unless you have the “ cognize how ” .

As VBA is an taken linguistic communication it can do your application run slow.

Although entree has some issues most of the disadvantages can be overcome, for case should the application for Booths become over sized it can be easy migrated onto MS SQL Server ( a comparing is discussed subsequently ) . Networking issues will non be an issue for Booths as merely 3-4 users will be utilizing the system and they already have licenses for all the networked computing machines utilizing Office 2007. Security measures although a small cumbersome can be incorporated which brings us to the following portion of research, security within Access.

Security Measures

The pros and cons have been discussed but as with any application, security is an built-in portion of package. Fortunately Access can be made more unafraid by taking the undermentioned stairss:

File Permissions: Microsoft windows web file permissions can be put onto the file or booklet.

Passwords: A individual watchword or multi-level workgroup security can be incorporated to let different privileges to different users. In Access 2007 the security theoretical account is a batch stronger than in earlier versions.

File Encoding: Contentss of a database can be encoded at the file degree.

Hiding pilotage strivings such as concealing design UI, pilotage cutoffs and class ‘s.

Make a usage bill of fare.

Split the database to make a forepart and back-end.

It must be stated here that all of the above are designed more for serviceability than for procuring the file. However on a secure web and with merely a few users the security should be sufficient, but no affair what you do to Access it will ne’er be every bit secure as it could be if it was on MS SQL Server. To exemplify the differences a comparing tabular array shows the differences between Access and MS SQL Server




Development environment supports: tabular arraies, questions, signifiers, studies and programming logic

Scalable, dependable and more unafraid client / waiter database engine

Maximal Database size

2 Gs ( GB )

1 TB or greater

Maximal concurrent users

Up to 20 concurrent editors

Up to 100 concurrent studies being run



File access-based security

Enterprise-Level security


Limited by file portion theoretical account

Limited merely by hardware and application design


Adequate for persons and little squad use.

Recovery from web failures can non be rolled back.

High dependability. SQL waiter is a mission-critical database

Backup and disposal tools available.

Chung, L & A ; Haught D ( 2007 )

It is obvious looking at the above tabular array that SQL Server is a high-end solution but it is besides a dearly-won one. One of the benefits of Access is that it ‘s a inexpensive option and should the figure of users exceed “ the maximal concurrent users ” the database can be placed onto SQL Server, intending entree allows for scalability.

Many different attacks can be taken to procure databases but the of import facet is to invariably measure the security of your database.