Security Features Of An Email System Computer Science Essay

Security is most indispensable for electronic mail, now a yearss fiscal and concern, Military and Navy and many more Industries are utilizing Emails as a communicating through. Electronic mail is besides known as electronic mail, it is digital communicating technique which will direct a Digital message to one or more receiving systems. While retaining its original use as a agency of communicating between two persons, it is progressively being used for concern communicating. Modern electronic mail system operates through cyberspace and computing machine webs. Earlier yearss email system requires both receiving system and writer online in same clip. Today email system can hive away and send on theoretical account. The key to the popularity of electronic mail prevarications in its ability to alter the manner people communicate, do concern, work, socialise, entree services and information. Email along with the cyberspace continues to turn in footings of size, treating power and functionalities doing it the most quickly spread outing technological invention in the history of world ( Schreiber, H. 2001 ) . In electronic mail system consist three constituents the message Envelope, the message Header, the message Body. In modern electronic mail system we can attach multimedia paperss with text papers it ‘s because of Multi cyberspace Extension ( MIME ) system. The electronic mails were attacked by aggressors on a regular basis for security

In this undertaking objectives are as follows:

To get the better of the security jobs by utilizing this proposed system, the proposed system is new security system utilizing XML web waiter. With this new engineering we can direct and have confidential informations secure, so for the security intent this undertaking will work out choping jobs and safety. By this proposed system we can avoid email menaces and ethical hackings and we can maintain our electronic mails in xml format. In this proposal explain subdivision wise the subdivision 1 contains back-round of an electronic mail system and present applications and techniques. The subdivision 2 contains proposed system and account about the procedure of the system and demands and flow of undertaking.

2. Email as communicating:

First developed in the 1970 ‘s it is extremely confidential the initial functionality of the Email is to direct basic text messages, but now its use extended to include a whole host of possibilities. The sensitive information is sent through electronic mail with tonss of security. It is used for presenting mandates for bank minutess and recognition cards, directing digitized signatures blessings, buying goods and services on the cyberspace. The modern electronic mail services largely increases privateness and security of the application, and now a yearss for private companies the Email hallmark is necessary within their organisation. Email is the formal manner to pass on with the people. ( Callas, J. , et Al. 1998 ) .

2.1 Email Menaces:

When the Email was foremost started it was in a common manner of messaging the friends but whenever it was used as assorted applications such as concern applications, the chief job is choping. By this choping the organisation is losing its security, money, informations and it is wholly going an informal manner. When we are presenting a message between clients, It will affect routing across several independent waiters, routers etc. When an electronic mail is really hacked into and a content has been destroyed so it includes usage of particular package called sniffers that really sniff out the contents of email message.

There are several methods by which electronic mail onslaughts can take topographic point. Fake electronic mails are used to rip off people into uncovering personal inside informations such as recognition card Numberss, due to miss of proper hallmark mechanisms. This information is so collected and used to commit malicious onslaughts ( Lee, B. , et Al. 2001 ) . Man in the Middle onslaughts is a signifier of web onslaught, where a malicious entity drudges into lines of communicating between terminal users and proctors messages that pass between them. Session Hijacking occurs when these entities control the flow of communicating itself. When an electronic mail is really hacked into and its contents siphoned off Listen ining occurs. This includes usage of particular package called sniffers that really “ sniff ” out the contents of electronic mail messages. Diddling is a signifier of onslaught when the contents of the mail are altered as it transits between nodes. Dictionary onslaughts occur when an aggressors uses a whole host of possible watchwords to chop into email histories. Denial of Service onslaughts occur when the aggressor uses a really big figure of electronic mails ( more than a million at times ) to deluge web systems with petitions that result in system obstruction. This consequences in denial of web services to legalize users ( Lee, B. , et Al. 2001 ) .

Since it has restrictions and onslaughts, but email communicating still continues to be widely used because it is comparatively cheap.

3. Security Features of an Email System:

3.1Usability: This is most of import of all four standard of a secure electronic mail system. In general a secure electronic mail system uses a regular familiar electronic mail every bit far as possible. It can be derived by betterments on current electronic mail engineerings. These engineerings should simplify and cut down stairss for operations, if the operation is reduced so that the user can larn something new.

3.2 Confidentiality: This electronic mail system is safe where the content will direct from beginning to finish in right manner i.e, it will direct to the existent receiving systems but non to any other users. In this system the informations will be confidential and secure.

3.3 Integrity: This electronic mail system will forestall the existent message which is being modified through unauthorised entree during its deliver.

3.4 Authentication: This hallmark system is largely used and will ensue in an increased step of trust and assurance among the users. Each and every organisation has the hallmark. ( Tracy, M. 2007 ) .

4. Basic Email Security Technology:

Cryptanalysis: These systems will protect email communicating from 3rd party and enabling systems to get the better of the harmful influence. ( Sirin, E. , et. 2004 ) .

Digital Signatures: This is an electrical signature, it will show the message whether it was sent to the worthy user. Digital Signatures are easier so the cryptanalysis.

Encoding, Key Generation & A ; Decoding:

In general encoding we adding or altering some content to the file, but in email its procedure is to alter the content of the mail so that it can non be read by the unauthorised users and it is a security system. Decoding is the procedure to take the content in this electronic mail merely the terminal user ( or ) receiving system can alter the content ( or ) informations in the mail.

The word key is used in the electronic mail to both for encoding and decoding of the content ( or ) informations in the mails.

4.1Disadvanteges of Present Email System:

It can be seen from the old subdivision that electronic mails are a really popular signifier of communicating but they subject to assorted menaces. There exist assorted security steps to counter these menaces. However while these methods utilizing cryptanalytic encodings as their bases have succeeded in continuing the unity and confidentiality of mails, the serviceability standard has non yet been successfully answered ( Selkirk, A. 2001 ) .

4.2 Email Security Applications

The applications that use the above engineering are described below:


The earliest engineering to be developed in the early 1880ss to procure electronic mails was X.509. This engineering uses a set of individuality certifications that validate the user to the receiver. These certifications contain digital signatures that validate the transmitter to the receiving system. The chief disadvantage of this method is that it offers no protection to the mail as it transits between the transmitter and the receiving systems and can non forestall against fiddling. It besides requires an component of trust between the parties in each other individuality certification coevals techniques ( Housley, R. 1999 ) .

4.2.2 PKI – Public Key Infrastructure

This signifier of communicating uses the basal signifier of cryptanalysis. It uses a brace of encoding keys. A public key which generates the encrypted message sent to the client and a private key besides sent to the client individually for decrypting the message. Public Key Infrastructure is besides known as asymmetric cryptanalysis. The clip taken for the whole procedure of encoding, cardinal coevals and decoding are the chief disadvantages of this PKI ( Anon, 2009 ) .

4.2.3 Privacy Enhanced Mail ( PEM )

PEM was foremost devised in 1989 as a set of criterions that enhance the security characteristics of electronic mails and is derived from X.509 engineering. These include signature and encoding criterions for regular electronic mails based on public cardinal encoding techniques utilizing the RSA algorithm. This technique utilizes two protection characteristics. ( 1 ) Signed Emails and ( 2 ) Signed & A ; Encrypted Emails. The keys utilized by these engineerings are placed in digital certifications generated by a sure certifying authorization ( CA ) . The cardinal itself was placed in another certification and both sent to the receiver. However, there was merely one trusted root Certificate Authority for bring forthing all the certifications. The key would be used to open the digitally signed electronic mail and entree it. This method while offering sensible security to the mail as it transits between users is cumbrous to deploy. It violates the central “ easy of usage ” rule in procuring electronic mails ( Horrocks & A ; Sattler, 2009 ) .

4.2.4 PGP ( Pretty Good Privacy ) Mail

First introduced in 1991, PGP is an simple message sign language, sealing and cardinal direction system ( Fensel, D. & A ; Bussler, C. 2002 ) . While the PEM utilized a individual sure certification publishing authorization, PGP mails utilize certifications from many governments who nevertheless have to be verified as being trustworthy by both transmitter and receiving systems. The message is encrypted and decrypted utilizing public keys. While this increased velocity of operations, it suffered from ambiguities due to miss of cosmopolitan credence. Furthermore since it was non integrated with major electronic mail plans such as Microsoft, its use was limited. While the message itself is secure, the headings such as to, day of the month and capable characteristics could non be secured. Thus a mail could be potentially recorded as Spam in its heading which would be dumped by the receiver. Regular Outlook fails to look into if headings are tampered with. The lone electronic mail client that in portion has the ability to observe possible annealing is the Mozilla Thunderbird which nevertheless is non as widely used as Microsoft Outlook ( Callas, J. , et Al. 1998 ) .

4.2.5 Secure Socket Layer ( SSL ) Connections

Computers communicates with through conveyance bed besides called ad web protocols ( Chester, c,2001 ) . These protocols speed up operations ; guarantee security and refinisher message formats. SSL Connections use the Secure Socket Layer to convey messages between the transmitters and the receiving systems. In this format there is no demand for encoding or cardinal coevals and the message is transmitted as it is to the receiver since the SSL channel is considered to be safe. This channel besides prevents unauthorised entree. However the increasing incidents of malicious onslaughts being perpetrated through web protocols has rendered this method susceptible to onslaughts ( McGrath, S. 2003 ) . A proviso has to be incorporated for coding messages sent through SSL every bit good. The application transmits informations through the Secure Socket bed conduit which itself uses the default TCP/IP port 443.


5. Technical Requirements

Software Requirement

Operating System: – Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Window Vista

Development End ( Programming Languages ) : – C # .net utilizing Model

Database Server: – SQL Waiter 2008

Web browser: – Internet Explorer 5.0 onward

Web Waiter: – Iraqi intelligence service waiter

AES Encryption Algorithm

Hardware Requirement

Processor: -Pentium IV

Random-access memory: – 512 Megabit

Disk: -40 GB

6 PROPOSED Procedure

Sending XML Email Procedure:

The proposed technique uses the.Net and XML.

The first measure involves composing an electronic mail utilizing mentality. The mail is so sent to the XML web service

The Web Service Encrypts the Mail.

Using X.509 certificate the mail is digitally signed and electronic mail is so sent through the waiter

Client Email Application

Plain text/ Readable mail

.Net & A ; XML

Encrypted Electronic mail



Fig a. Sending XML Mail

Receiving xml email procedure:

The encrypted electronic mail is so downloaded from Outlook by the recipient application.

XML Service decrypts the electronic mail and besides verifies the digital signature.

The decrypted mail is converted into field text which is clear and so displayed on the proctor for the receiver to read.



Client Email Application

.Net & A ; XML

Decrypted electronic mail

Plain text/ Readable mail

Fig B. Receiving XML Mail

7. Decision:

This XML format web waiter will protect the heading portion, the most widely used electronic mail mechanisms to supply hallmark, message unity, and informations confidentiality are PGP mail and S/MIME. Pretty Good Privacy ( PGP ) is an encrypted criterion that is employed for encoding of electronic mail ; nevertheless, by utilizing it merely email content can be encrypted, while headings that comprise email references and topic of the electronic mail may acquire the security hazards ( Anon, 2009 ) . Secure / Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions ( S/MIME ) is an industry criterion that is used for enabling public cardinal encoding and sign language of MIME encapsulated electronic mail. It ‘s a standard format for SMTP electronic mail, in which feature of message like rich text, fond regards and message organic structures including manifold parts where the electronic mails are safe by using negligees are allowed. In this, it is must for each and every heading to be presented in the outer heading and it is non protected, this one is the lone disadvantage of this scheme. Merely the interior heading of the cloaked messages is protected ( Anon, 2009 ) .