Self Concept Essay

The three words that best describe me are; compassionate, laid-back and honest. In this paper I am going to discuss the three concepts within the reading that best describe me and they are: Self concept, Self esteem and Self-discrepancy theory. I will do my best to reflect as much as possible in my words to describe myself. The first theory I am going to discuss is called Self concept. This theory means, your overall perception of who you are. Self concept is based on the beliefs, attitudes, and values you have about yourself. McCornack, 2010. ) My self concept is based on my growing up. I didn’t have a really good childhood, my father was a very negative influence in my life, he said that I wasn’t going to amount to anything. He was disgusted with me because I didn’t play sports. I excelled in different areas like theater and music. My looking-glass self when I was growing up was just that, I didn’t feel loved or wanted, so I lashed out in other ways with drugs, alcohol and dangerous living.

So for many years people thought I was a bad and wild person because I moved out of my house at 17 and lived the life that my father said I would. I finally quit drinking at the age of 30 after many years of abuse. I looked my past in the face and learned from it. I have much better self concept now and my interpersonal communication is much better. I look at myself in a much better and positive light now that I am older and sober.

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My values are very high about my life. I have respect for other people and I have a lot of love and compassion now. The second concept I am going to discuss is Self Esteem. Self Esteem is the overall value that we assign to ourselves. Self Esteem is the main factor in your interpersonal communication, relationships and your outlook on how life should be lived. When I reflect on my self esteem I feel I have a fairly high self esteem, despite how I was raised.


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