Self-Determination the UN expresses that a people has

Self-Determination is a necessary component to furthering international progress towards the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as the Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Cupertino among States in Accordance with the Charter of the UN expresses that a people has the right to pursue economic, social and cultural development bereft of any external influence. The problem that the international community faces is a lack of understanding of which peoples truly deserve this right. The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action explains that a people with a distinct territory ought to be awarded special rights to it and the right to self-determination. In this light, it is the Australia’s belief that an people who have lost their territorial integrity in an unlawful manner, ought to be seen as those who deserve a right to self-determination above all others, and it is the duty of the international community to push states to recognize this as fact. Australia supports the General Assembly (GA) resolution 72/159 a universal realization of people’s right to self-determination, that we as an international community must understand that there are ethnic groups who deserve this right above all else, and this is a universal fact. Futher, Australia supports GA resolution 72/158 which calls on the end of military involvement from outside of and internal forces seeking to suppress and control the determination of peoples. In recent years, the Australian Human Rights Commission has been working towards a constitutional recognition of its Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples as Australia’s original peoples. In doing so Australia will be able to give special attention to these peoples rights as distinct peoples within the Australian state. Further, the Australian state supports promotions of and respect found within the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples and it is through said document that Australia understands how it ought to engage with its Aboriginal peoples. Australia understand the need to further the SDGs and that for the international community to thrive we must all thrive, which means that people ought to be given the right to self-determination. Do to the ambiguity found within international law on the matter, Australia wishes to highlight an Australian expression: “populate or perish.” It is the belief that without substantial representation a culture must cease. It is with that understanding we must continue forward, to promote the growth of peoples, so that they may have the means to develop politically and economically. Further, due to the ambiguity within international law, Australia calls upon the GA to create a forum which must include the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCR) in conjunction with Division for Social Policy and Development Indigenous Peoples and ethnic peoples in order to truly come to understand who deserves and how extensive the right to self-determination ought to be