Self Discipline Essay

I don’t think being late for game starts was totally my fault as I wake up early enough to catch the first from Bristol airport and get the next 2 buses when they arrive. During the week of lessons I attended I tried my best to stay focused and complete all work set in the lessons at the best of my ability. Was scored on average SIS’S through the week. So do not think that I could have improved with my performance in lessons during this week. Week Two: Just like week one my punctuality in this week was scored very high.

Apart from one nine. I believe this was fairly accurate as I bought myself a motorbike to get to college which would be very useful as it would save me money getting on bus passes and it would be much faster getting to college so I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and I will still be on time for college depending on the traffic. Personally I feel that my Self-Discipline for Punctuality is poor compared to how it could be. This may be due to a lack of motivation which Is a trait I’ve always had.

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My attendance during this week has been marked high which I feel is fair as think was only late once or twice and that was just due to being stuck in traffic. Other than that I believe I done well this week. My performance in lesson this week remains focused and I managed to get the highest score on each session. I think I was well disciplined In not being distracted by others and being able to ignore them and not join in on unnecessary conversations which I would normally do.